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Transition and Service

Fall weather continues in our tiny corner of the US – New England. 80 degree sunshine is still several days’ reach from us. Such odd weather for this time of year. And when I look around the country, the weather is equally dramatic with high heat and storms.

The economy continues to feel strange as more and more are discussing their layoff experiences, adjusting vacation plans and looking for more ways to save money. Our lives of luxury and extravagance seems to be a chapter closing while a new one peeks its head around the door.

So what does life look like after this transition we are all experiencing? Hard to say and the angels insist that only goodness will come of what feels to me like a birthing process. I do find it interesting that all the changes seem to be heading toward bringing families closer to homebase. Perhaps we have become too disconnected from what is really important…perhaps it’s time to extend our personal hand of service to those immediately around us – family, neighbors, friends, fellow Earthly inhabitants.

I continue in deep meditation with the Angels as I ponder how best to take the much needed “right turn” that AngelsTeach needs to take to lead and guide those who are destined to learn with me. Some of the needs I know I must address are: greater flexibility for how my teachings are delivered – both with schedule and venue. I also know I must offer services at a lower cost for more people and yet, maintain the amazing sense of community that people who study with us cherish.

The answer for this phase of my service is surfacing in bits and pieces. I know more homestudy courses are being unearthed. I know better use of technology and an expansion of the curriculum is a must. I know the amazing people who have volunteered and stepped forward because they believe so strongly in this mission must continue to have a vehicle for their work helping people connect with the Angelic Realm. I know there is a lot in transition. And I know I am meant to bring this forward to you in service as best I can.

I ask you for your prayers and blessings as I birth the next generation of AngelsTeach. I can already tell she is astounding! 😉

I love you all soooo much! Truly! For you are indeed a child of the Divine…and I can see that in you even when you are not able.

Blessings, Rev. Nina

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