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Trees, Snowy Mounds or Water – Planting Your Season of Love

Springtime blessings dear Rev. Elvia!

Winter is OVER…or so sayeth the sun. We have reached the point when day/nights are of equal length in the northern hemisphere.

(Not sure the New England weather angels got the memo – we had a storm with snow yesterday and another predicted for tomorrow! All good though, this is what we expect living here.)

Re-awakening to the cycles of the earth, we tune into and connect with the natural energies that keep us plugged into the divine forces of the universe. Source.

With the strengthening sunlight, this is a perfect time to sow seeds as we are reminded to invoke the spirit of balance, set intentions for what needs to happen to feel more centered. 

I was guided to snap this photo yesterday of a swamp area near my house. I know there’s a message tucked away that I’m going to “read” for you – just as I’d read an angel card… The message will provide insight for how YOU can celebrate spring and set intentions anew.


 Mill River

Click to view image

What I notice immediately is:

  • the image is divided into 3 prominent horizontal “slices” – the river on the bottom, the snowy marshland in the middle and the trees on top
  • it’s very balanced
  • the mounds of snow are inspiring me somehow – like little nuggets of light in an otherwise darker image
  • the water is calm, though flowing
  • there are 2 trees on the left in the background that appear as an entryway


So how does this assimilate into a message that’s relevant for you, dear Rev. Elvia?

The 3 “slices” represent where you’re at right now…so I ask, which one draws you in most – the river, the marshland or the trees?

Choose one before you read on…

If your angels are leading you to the trees, then the message is to stand tall. There’s something in your life that’s challenging your sense of self-worth. It’s time to be strong and take inspiration from these beautiful trees and hold your ground. This is your “entryway” to a new kind of happiness.

If the snowy mounds in the middle are pulling you in, it’s time to allow for more sweetness. I’m getting the image of Oreo cookies – these mounds are the “frosting” between the two darker layers. Life may be feeling a little heavy of late. It’s time to do something sweet just for you! Take a bath. Go for coffee with a friend. Read a book that’s been on your list for a while. You’ll know. Just take time and do it!

Lastly, if it’s the calming waters that your angels have chosen for you, the message is that it’s time to surrender. Stop being so hard on yourself and just let go. Whatever it is that you’re pushing to make happen, it’s done. If it’s meant to be a part of your life, it will return in divine order. Love will lead you through this. Allow the calming, flowing influence of compassion guide you – for you AND all involved.

(Note: if you’re feeling that more than one of these messages is meant for you, go back and prioritize. The ego LOVES to give us too much to do. Focus on one thing today and then perhaps tomorrow you’ll be ready for the next one. Allow your angels to set the pace.)


For some of you this message may feel strong, so take a moment to breathe. Let your breath cleanse and replenish your energy with peace. Remember, it’s all good!

Now that you know what your angels would like you to focus on, how can you plant some “seeds” of angel lovin’ that will lead you to a springtime season full of growth and heightened awareness of all the goodness in your life?

As inspired, take a moment and write down 3 things you can commit to right now that will ensure your season is full of inspiration.

Here’s a simple prayer I wrote this week to inspire you through this healing…

Dear angels,
Today is a new day and I embrace it with courage.
I trust that as I open my heart with love for ALL that I encounter, I am safe. In fact, I am more than safe. I am the expression of holiness.
Thank you for your wisdom, your guidance and your eternal love.
Blessed Be.


From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a beautiful, bountiful and blessed entry into spring.

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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