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Faith in Angels and Groundhogs

Was Punsxutawney Phil wrong this year? Or, was there a higher purpose for his seemingly flawed prediction of a short winter?

For those of you wondering, “who the heck is Punsxutawney Phil?” He’s a beloved groundhog who lives in Pennsylvania. On February 2nd of each year, there’s a tradition to awaken him from his hollow as the sun is rising to determine if he can “see his shadow.” The story goes that if he sees his shadow, there will be 6 more weeks of winter. If not, it will be an early spring, always cause for celebration.

This year, Punsxutawney Phil saw no shadow. An early spring was the prediction – yay! we all cheered!

So my dear one, when you look at the weather outside my window right now, you might wonder whether our friend Phil is more rodent than meteorologist. (Phrase shamelessly borrowed from a Facebook post that made me belly laugh this morning.)

My car. Don’t think I’ll be going anywhere soon. 🙂

 car snow

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My faith stays with the groundhog. I trust that he did what he was supposed to do and predict an early spring. Yes, this is dramatically different from what I’ve actually experienced with storms just about every week, but that’s okay because I’ve already surrendered to the truth that it’s all in divine order. It’s all perfect.

Not only am I unable to bear witness to the totality of the divine plan, I’m not meant to. I rest in the knowing that I know what I need to know when I need to know it. (Say that 3 times fast for a giggle!)

One of the most important lessons when learning angel communication is to surrender to the outcome and trust that it’s perfect regardless of the evidence before your eyes. A mind bender for the ego, yet so essential.

Our egos wish to believe that we’re meant to know all, see all and control everything we can. We like to think that we understand everything going on. Our higher selves, our angels, know otherwise.

As we surrender to the divine influence of our angels, we trust that we know what we need to know when we need to know it. This defines our faith.

So why did Punsxutawney Phil predict the end of winter when clearly it still had many punches left for us? Perhaps to simply keep our spirits uplifted. Perhaps to change someones travel plans resulting in the saving of lives. Perhaps to provide opportunity for me to share this lesson.

I don’t know for sure. I’m okay with that. I trust because I know it’s all good.

Enjoy your weekend dearest earth angel. Stay warm, be well and be blessed!

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina

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