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Angel Message for YOU! March 27th, 2013

March is winding down and still no video Messages from the Angels. Well, fear not my friend!

While my technical equipment has been “in transition,” I still have a reading for you – in written form. 😉

The photo below of our pasture contains an angel message for you. Before going further, please choose one of the three following objects. Whatever you select is the key to the message you need at this time. Let your angels guide your decision and choose whatever feels right in your heart, not your head:

  • picnic table
  • pool
  • pond 

(Do you hear Bill Murray’s voice here too from Caddyshack? “Pool or pond? Pond would be better for you!” Of course I do live with a HUGE Caddyshack fan…even my kids know the quotes!)

Bill Murray aside, allow your angels to guide you to just one of these choices for the reading that’s destined for you, dear John.

spring farm 

 Click to view image


When I teach angel communication, I LOVE to point out that there are angel messages in everything. And yes, I do mean everything. Even the pasture on my farm.

Now that you’ve chosen either the picnic table, the pool or the pond, let’s go!

Picnic table – Life is pretty balanced for you right now. You’ve done a good job managing the chaos (aka “recent storm”), so kudos to you! There is a choice that is laid out for you and while it may seem a bit in the distance, it’s closer than you think. You are aware of what this choice is, so rest assured it is not unseen. Also know that you are well-positioned for a positive outcome. Life truly is meant to be a “picnic” so as you consider your options, stay with what feels comfortable, fun and nourishes your sense of community. This table is meant for a group, not an individual. Remember to look up and enjoy the view and you will do well!

Angelic Assignment: What do you know about this decision that lies before you? If you ask your angels to choose the answer that’s most in alignment with your divine destiny, what is that answer?


Pool – Years ago Peter set this kiddie pool up to provide water for the farm critters. Our farm has “matured” with only one sheep left, Ninja, and 4 hens who are now locked up in the barn since Mama Fox reduced the flock last summer. Because Ninja is the only one who can access this supply of water, it now provides far more than is necessary.

The message for you is that while you may be feeling a sense of lack, you have much more goodness in your life than you realize at the moment. Perhaps you’ve just gone through a “rough spot” and are feeling a bit drained, but it’s okay! This is temporary! Pause to take stock of all the blessings you DO have and expand your heart with gratitude for those things. You’ll notice if you look really carefully, there’s a garden hose that leads into the pool. It looks small and ineffective in comparison to pool, but it’s there. It does bring water in and over time, fills it to the brim. You are safe. You are supported and you WILL get through this with your angels leading the way!

Angelic Assignment: Make a list of everything in your life that feels like a blessing. It doesn’t matter if it’s clean socks, an uninterrupted night’s sleep or yummy soup on the stove, just get it in writing! Once you see all that you DO have in writing, allow your heart to expand in thanks.

Remember, what you focus on perpetuates, so bring your focus back to the goodness!


Pond – Just before I snapped this image, there was a pair of guest ducks bathing in the vernal pond. This pond does not exist for most of the year. It is full because we’ve had a lot of snow and some rain and the water tables are high.

If you’ve chosen the pond, the message for you is that it’s time to reflect on what brings joy into your life. You’ll see the reflection on the surface of the water, inviting you to look at what you are creating. The ducks (which are actually sitting by the edge of the pond – hard to see though) are a reminder to relax, chill out and schedule some fun into your life. Perhaps you’ve been taking life a bit too seriously. Winter can do that to us! Spring is here, the pond is full and it’s time to renew your sense of joy! Dig in and have fun!

Angelic Assignment: Within the next 3 days, what can you do to create some space for reflection AND joy? E.g. A walk? A trip to the ocean? A bubble bath? It’s time… 😉

(Note: if you’re feeling that more than one of these messages is meant for you, go back and prioritize. The ego LOVES to give us too much to do. Focus on one thing today and then perhaps tomorrow you’ll be ready for the next one. Allow your angels to set the pace.)


I do look forward to video content in April when my equipment is back online. Truth be told… I have just switched to a Mac and it’s taken some time to acclimate. And the cat chewed the cord so I have to get a new one. (Almost better than the dog ate my homework, don’t you think? ;)… )

Wishing you blessings of beauty, bounty and brilliance!

With love,

Rev. Elvia Nina


P.S. What else do you notice in this picture? What do you think the message might be for you? As inspired, please share your thoughts and insights on our Facebook page

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