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Tribal Laying (…or Messages from Hens)

Some of you may know that we live on a small farm in Massachusetts. Amongst our menagerie, we have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 geese, 2 sheep, 18 chickens and a fish named Sparta. Needless to say, we receive many messages from our beloved animal friends (including our black Lab Cali who is staring at me through the sliding door with a beard of white snow on her face pleading “put the laptop down and let me in from the cold!”).

Every morning, Peter goes out to the barn to feed and water the hens, let them out of their coop and collect any eggs that have been laid. The rooster died on New Year’s day 🙁 and so now it’s just the hens. Yup…Peter and his hens. These hens are less than a year old and have only just started laying within the last 6-8 weeks, so their habits have only just become established and are quite fascinating to someone like me who looks for lessons/messages from the Angels in all things…

And so it seems the Hen-tribe of Norfolk has decided upon the following rules that must never be compromised:

  • Laying for all hens must be done in the one designated spot. This one spot is the hay bale just outside the coop in the entryway. If you have objections about this rule, you may speak directly with the Hen-Goddess herself.
  • Laying of eggs in the henhouse boxes that the humans set up for us for laying will not be tolerated. No exceptions!
  • Only one hen may lay at a time. Keep in mind that there are 18 of us, so you are limited to just a few minutes to pop one out. Should you need extra time, you may proceed to the back of the line. (You will get the signal to do this when the next-in-line hen decides to jump on your head.)

The message here from the Angels is that we humans often gather and operate as a tribe establishing rules that make sense to us at the time. These rules are created to help us maintain structure around core values, behavior, societal expectations and day-to-day life. If we had no structure, no routine, no expectations of what people expect from us, then the fear is that we would become spineless jellyfish and all sense of order would disappear.

Of course this is true on many levels (not the spineless jellyfish part), but the message here is that there are times that the rules that have been set by your tribe need to evolve. The Indigo souls are brilliant bringers of this message showing us all kinds of societal elements that need to change.

So, before you insist on something that someone is resisting, ask yourself, “is this a rule or pattern that is necessary? what purpose is it serving? and is it truly serving the higher good?”

There may come a time when two hens just can’t keep that egg in a moment longer and one of them may need to find another spot to lay that baby in.

Flexibility and service are key! Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! 🙂

Love, Rev. Nina

p.s. if any of you who live in Massachusetts would like to purchase some organic free-range happy chicken eggs, please let me know ([email protected] ). We have lots!

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