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[Video] Messages from the angels + a summer of healing

I pray all is well in your world! It is a season of so much change swirling and twirling in the heavens and here on earth. And what an interesting spring it’s been here in Roe land with transition happening at light speed.

This email is really a hybrid of a written message I started last week and then inspiration hit 😇 and I created a Video Messages from the Angels.

Written update + angel messages for YOU!
Click on the image below

Written update

On May 4th I learned that I’m dancing with stage 4 osteoarthritis in my right hip and will be getting a hip replacement. As part of the whole pre-op thing, I learned that I’ve also been dancing with an infection, most likely Lyme’s. Not only was I bitten by a little bugger on May 6th, but I had a full on bullseye the size of a grapefruit 4 years ago. While caught and treated, symptoms surface when my body is triggered by another bite or stretched beyond healthy boundaries.

It’s been a month of intense healing and inner work to get to where, thankfully, all systems are now go. My surgery is scheduled for June 22nd. I’m continuing to spend the lion’s share of my time getting my body ready and aligned 100% with good health body, mind and spirit. LOTS of meditation and mind/body work.

One of our 12 tenets of Divine Order of the Sacred Rose is: I listen to the spiritual messages within my physical body.

Meaning… most physical conditions have a spiritual aspect to them, which provides us with a rich healing opportunity to look at how things have led to this moment. The beliefs, the habits, the patterns.

I do think that sometimes things just happen. I also believe that these beliefs, habits and patterns contribute greatly to our physical experience in body.

A lot of folks are dealing with a lot of challenges right now as we rebirth our way of Being. Our bodies carry our emotions and our stresses and this past stretch of time has sure brought a bunch of those things.

I pray that whatever this moment is bringing for you, that you are feeling the love and support of your angels.

All this to say… I am going to be quiet through the summer as I continue with this beautiful healing moment.

I look forward to re-emerging towards summer’s end with fresh, restored energy and shiny new insights from the angels!

All my love,
xo Elvia

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