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War and Wisdom

Athena is the Greek Goddess of war and wisdom. An interesting combination when you stop to think about it. Decisions about war are so often governed by emotions. “They got us, so now we need to get them.” Or “if we allow them to continue with those beliefs, they are ignorant and could be a dangerous threat to the rest of the world.” It does not matter which war we are discussing. You could go back a thousand years and the reasons at the root always stem from the emotions rising out of deep seated fear.

So what is the best action when one country attacks another? When one person confronts you? How can you respond in a way that is healthy and protective and yet is not fueled by fear?

Whatever the situation – global or personal – the answer lies within the depths of the soul. This aspect of yourself can only be accessed by releasing the emotions which create fog. If you have confrontation in your life, the prescription for you is to take at least 5 minutes a day and sit quietly – with the sounds of nature surrounding you, if possible. Ask your Angels to let the emotions go and let your soul speak. Wisdom comes from listening to what is already there, but has been shut out by the drama around you.

Let the peace and wisdom flow!

I wish you a blessed day!
Much Love,
Rev. Nina and your Angels

From Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master Oracle Cards

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