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You ARE Good Enough!

I have only just recently discovered the work of Robert Holden, founder of The Happiness Project. He beautifully sums up what I’d like to say this morning… Foundational happiness IS a choice! It can be a challenge to get your head and heart around this concept. Pray with your angels for the awareness to make a life of happiness YOUR choice and the challenge will disappear.

“Go ahead and achieve, by all means. It can be great fun, especially when you do so for the joy of it…Indeed, no amount of acheivement will do for you what you’re not prepared to do for yourself – that is, accept your Self. Achievement can be fun, but it is not salvation.

” Happiness occurs naturally when you change your mind about yourself, when you give up conditioning and accept your Self – your whole Self. Once you can accept that you are indeed “good enough”, all of your achievements will also be “good enough,” but not until then.”

From Happiness Now, by Robert Holden

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