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7 Real-Life Reasons to Learn Angel Communication

Reason #1 – because communicating with the angels is actually the very same thing as harnessing your love-based intuition. And while intuition is something we’re all born with, it’s also something we easily forget over the long distance race we call life. The more you connect with your angels, the more you strengthen your intuition and learn how to navigate life in constant dialogue with the forces and intelligence of Love. Or God. Or Source.

Reason #2 – because life is hard. We live in a world with division, racism, violence, fear and lots of ego. When we try to do things on our own, in a vacuum trying our best to keep life manageable, it’s a struggle. We can wander aimlessly from one screaming priority to the next wondering whether there’s purpose, whether what we’re doing is making the world a better place, or not. Or maybe life’s path has us so overwhelmed, thinking about anything beyond getting through the day isn’t even possible – forget the greater good, it’s a matter of survival.

When we ally with our angels, we are assured that one guided step after the next is leading us to the right place, at the right time. Even if we don’t know where it’s leading, there is faith that ultimately we can live the lives we came here to live – and it feels good. And life becomes much easier, even joyful.

While we may have moments of distraction or doubt, the angels always find a way to show up and let us know they’re here. We just have to know how to hear them…and then to do just that, listen.


Reason #3 – because the ego can be a brat. Even with the help of the angels, the ego can sometimes be a bear to wrestle to the ground. Without their help? Forget it. I watch so many people live with the ego driving the bus. Moment to moment, fear is their guide. Drama whips them into a tidy mess. Emotions are fuel.

Make no mistake, the ego can be sneaky. One of its more endearing bratty qualities. Thankfully, the angels are way smarter and way stronger. They always win. You just have to surrender and yup, listen.


Reason #4 – because learning angel communication is about getting to know who you really are. And I mean who you really are. Not some fabrication of your parents, siblings, boss or close friends. The angels job #1 is to get you in touch with your authentic self, to guide you to your life’s work. You can’t do that if you’re living out your mother’s dream of being a corporate executive and ignoring your own passion to write. Your angels shave away the bits of you that belong to others. Those others who most of the time don’t intend to influence unduly. There is no judgment.

Your angels bring you back to you. With deep love for you and all involved.


Reason #5 – because the world needs to heal. I think most would agree that the world is in a precarious state. I know if I look too closely at what’s happening on a global scale to humanity and to the environment, I am crushed by the heaviness. So I don’t look too closely. I scan the news, but I stay well away from the edge of the sink hole, because if I fall in, I’m no good to anyone.

The angels share that if the collective tips towards people living out their guidance rather than living from the ego, our planet will evolve to something we can’t even envision right now. We talk about global harmony and peace, but it won’t happen unless more of us step up and commit to living in partnership with Spirit and denounce fear as a leading force.

The angels show us how to do this. They are our Spirit Messengers leading the way. We just need to say yes.


Reason #6 – because the angels know how to do laundry. Okay, so they’ve never been in body nor do their robes get dirty, but they do know best-practices for our chores. When we follow their guidance, part of that is always going to include daily housework, because – let’s face it – chores are a big part of life as we know it.

It’s not like the angels will guide us through one aspect of life – like work stuff – and then turn away from the other parts.

No, the angels help us with every aspect of life. They’ll guide about the best time, the best load quantity and combination of clothes, even the best detergent.

It’s just a matter of listening.


Reason #7 – because there’s no need to feel alone. Benevolent guides surround us 24/7. Most of the time, most of us ignore them even when we’re feeling lonely. As I wave my virtual hands emphatically: we have partners in spirit form! Yes, this is never a replacement for the human to human, in-person experience, but we all have that need to connect. We’re built to connect human to spirit and spirit to human. When we don’t, it’s only because we’ve forgotten the importance of this divine relationship.

We all can fall into the traps of isolation. Isolation is an illusion. We are connected as One. So there it is – no need to feel alone. Ever.

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