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Sometimes I forget about God

It’s true. Sometimes I forget about God.

I consider myself a woman of faith. I dialogue with the angels throughout the day and trust them as they lead me here/there guiding most of my decision making.

Thing is, sometimes I’m so preoccupied and in my head by the task at hand, I completely forget that God is creating through me.

I’m getting this vision where I’m standing on the deck of a large cruise ship. The angels are leading me around the boat and taking me where I need to go. I vaguely know I’m on a moving vessel, but I don’t realize the ship is moving and has massive power. This ship, of course, is God. As I focus, God expands to the ocean itself…Mother Earth…the Universe…and beyond.

The world I sometimes live in feels miniscule. This forgetfulness makes me feel small.

This is probably why the gratitude message has been coming up a lot lately. I thank my angels all the time, but this feels like gratitude that’s deeper.

Gratitude that welds the lines of connection between the soul body and the Grand Master.

Gratitude that reaches from the deck of the ship to the heavens above and the molten core of this glorious planet below.

Gratitude that explores the nature of the heart and the blood that carries life to all parts of the physical being.

Gratitude that connects the ego to the soul.

Gratitude that expands the power of one to the power of many to the power of One.

Gratitude that makes us realize that each of us is an expression of Divine Grace.

If we could all just pause and reach deeply into the infinity of Gratitude, with a capital “G”.

Think…how powerful it’d be if we all remembered that God creates through ALL of us.

We just have to allow.

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  1. Thank you… love the ship idea…. puts so much into prespective. I have been practicing the daily gratitude as well

    1. Daily gratitude will get you far – well done, I’m hearing from the angels 😉
      Glad this post resonated for you!
      xo Rev. Elvia

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