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A Million Messages Each Day…

As some of you know, I’ve been battling a cold that turned into extreme fatigue these past few weeks. I know it will soon be over and I know that it is directly connected to our daughter leaving for college 3 weeks ago. My role as a mother is evolving and it is affecting every aspect of my body, mind and spirit.

The enormous gift that I have gleaned from this period of downtime is the opportunity to explore and expand my relationship with the angels. Last week, they shared with me that each of us receives on average a million messages from them every day. Wow! i thought to myself!

As a teacher of angel communication, I admit this fact caught me a bit by surprise. I am certainly conscious of hundreds and maybe even a thousand messages from my angels everyday, but millions? This has still got me in a tizzy.

Upon further exploration of this theme with my winged friends, I asked, “so is it a goal for me to consciously receive a million messages each day?” And their quick response was, “No, that would make you insane. The purpose of our sharing this knowledge with you is for you to understand that we are within every breath, every thought and every word spoken. Sometimes our message is profound and needs to be carefully followed. Other times, it’s just a gentle affirmation of our loving support for you.”

I have started to absorb and really process this concept and it continues to blow my mind. I am paying attention even more keenly than I did before to little things that occur such as, having difficulty doing something on Facebook, or watching 4 of our chickens run across the melting snow in a uniform line, or the sound of a pheasant friend who seems to squawk at just the right time. A gentle sudden breeze reassures me that I am on my path with and I bow my head in gratitude.

What messages are before you – right now?

Millions of hugs to you, Rev. Nina

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