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Clean up, aisle 3!

I have been fending off a rather persistent cold since our beloved daughter left to start college this past Sunday (gee, do you think there’s a connection?!). Marianne, our lovely and talented Customer Care Angel, has been down and out with something similar. I conversed with 2 others yesterday who are also in the throws of a mid-winter illness. And I say to Archangel Raphael, “Angels down! Clean up on aisle 3!”

Of course, Archangel Raphael encourages us to have a sense of humor around our healing. Not only does our levity make the healing process easire, but also shorter. So yes, I jest about the mess all around me – kleenexes strewn around the bedroom, half empty glasses of water left forgotten around the house, household chores put on the back burner leaving piles of ignored laundry, dishes. The animals are thankful that it’s Peter’s deal to feed them. So I say again to the angels, “Clean up, aisle 3!”

Illness this time of year is common for many reasons and I’m sure you are aware of most of them. What often goes unsaid is the gift that comes with entering into our inner worlds as we retreat in need of healing. When our bodies say “enough is enough” and we are forced to take several days to be silent and still, we are given the opportunity to think, process and heal more than just our physical selves.

This is a time of year for gestation. February 2nd marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. This means that we are halfway to the official launch of spring. During this winter season, we are processing what we have set into motion for the coming year. We are nurturing it with our thoughts and emotions. Many times, when we fall ill, it is a time to reflect on these thoughts and emotions and adjust them as necessary.

If you are grabbing for another tissue or crawling to the bathroom for a cough drop – and even if you aren’t – take time to assess what I call your Belief Point. Where are your thoughts and emotions? How closely are the aligned with what you would like to manifest in 2009? Are there some subtle, or not-so-subtle, changes you need to make?

This is a powerful season for inner growth. Look out your window, take guidance and learn from Mother Earth. Take this time to be sure what sprouts in the spring is exactly what you want!

Love, Rev. Nina

“Our remedies in ourselves oft do lie, Which we ascribe to Heaven.” William Shakespeare

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