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ABCs of Abundance with the Angels 43-day eCourse

You want more control of what you’re creating in your life!

You want a life that inspires you!

You’ve asked the angels for help and now you’ve got it!

This NEW 43-day ecourse is designed to help you embrace your personal power and learn the simple ABC’s of Ask, Believe and Co-Create.

Through this course, I will take you by the hand and walk you through the steps of creating a life that you love …a life that you create with intention in partnership with your angels!

For 43 days, you will receive an email daily that will inspire and teach you using lessons and audio messages with:

  • messages from your angels, including a daily angel card
  • abundance exercises
  • use of Emotional Freedom Techniques® (aka tapping)
  • prayer
  • and affirmations.

Now I won’t pull any punches, this course is intense. It will push you to break through to new levels of abundance awareness – but you have to feel ready to do the work.

Are you ready? You DO deserve abundance and I’d be honored to teach you how to create it

The cost of this life changing eCourse is just $29!

PRICE: $29.00



“I called it my AAA course. I enjoyed all of the insights. I especially enjoyed the EFT. I feel more connected to the Angels.” Kathy, New Iberia, LA

“With the Abundance ecourse I saw results within a week! Truly a great course for becoming more conscious and productive in life!” Brook, Grass Valley, California

“Nina, I have find in my own life experience that I am on my own path to discovery, and this path has no time-space boundaries. What I question today becomes my norm tomorrow. What I can’t absorb today, tomorrow somehow is easily understood. The beauty of trusting the angels for understanding and for our emotional and spiritual growth.” SP Red Bank NJ

“I loved the course I have recommended it to friends and it has given me re-assurance through a transitional phase in my own life!” Lorna, Scotland

“The course reminded me that I am not alone on this journey, and that there is a lot to look forward to.” Debra, Fairhaven, MA

“A good way to lift your vibration and make some positive changes, the EFT techniques done on a daily basis really helps, I’ve noticed as I’ve raised my vibration people around me are easier and calmer!! One good thing  I learned was when you feel the need to heal another person heal yourself instead and you;ll get the result you were after!” Natalie, London, England

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