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It’s all about the children!

Well it’s finally here!

Summer 2008, we had a special visit to our summer day program for Indigo Children from ABC’s 20/20. 

We weren’t sure what to expect as the producer, Ia Robinson, was at the beginning of the project and she wasn’t certain how the show would evolve. We prayed and held the intention for the highest good for these precious Indigo souls and trusted that what will be is divine.

We first received notice that the show would air earlier this summer, but then Michael Jackson (RIP) passed and we got bumped. Ia told us she didn’t know when we’d be on. So we waited patiently…

Yesterday, I received an email that the Psychic Kids 20/20 show is airing this Friday at 10pm eastern. It’s real!!!

We are so excited for many reasons… these children are getting the focus and attention they desperately need, our young friend Anthony (featured in the show) will get what he’s been waiting for over 12 months, and we are excited as well that our camp will be mentioned and a clip from the interview with Peter and me will be aired. All lots of fun!!

In celebration of this event and another step on our path of cultural awakening, Peter and I are hosting a free telecast on Thursday, August 20th at 6pm eastern. Click HERE to register*. If the timing doesn’t work, register anyways and you’ll be the first to receive access to the recording.

So, I hope you can join us Thursday and/or Friday for these events. For a clip of the 20/20 show, check out //

Blessings of love and big awakenings, Rev. Nina


*link no longer valid but information is relevant!

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