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Angel Lesson #2: The keys to hearing your angels

The truth is, my dear earth angel, you’re already communicating with your angels. 

On some level, you’re seeing, hearing, sensing and knowing their presence…right now. And you were yesterday. And you will tomorrow. All day.

In Angel Lesson #1: Where it all begins, we talked about the essential element of prayer and how it’s your decision through prayer, that your soul manifests what it wants/needs.

Our next step is to cover a few more basics, so let’s start with the AngelsTeach definition of “Angels.”

Angels, defined.

The angels are an aspect of the higher self. They are the part of you that is free of fear, ego and doubt. Their wings represent the freedom to rise above the ties and binds of the human condition and connect with the consciousness of Love, of God. The halo is a symbol of that direct connection, protected by light.

Angels are messenger energy linking our human consciousness with God consciousness. They are, in essence, where we overlap with the Divine Mind facilitating the flow of pure, loving guidance into our conscious reality.


So there you have it, our definition of angels and the foundation of everything here in AngelsTeach-land 🙂

When we teach angel communication, of course we always go through the mechanics and practice skills using angel oracle cards, but our emphasis is always on these five key points

  • The angels are a part of you (see above definition). No matter who you are or what you’ve done, this is true.
  • Angel Communication “education” is 5% remembering a talent you were born with and 95% learning how to trust the messages you’re already receiving. 
  • When you follow your angelic guidance it always aligns you with your truth – what’s good and right and destined for you on a deep, deep level.
  • Your angels are available 24/7 to help you with every decision you make.
  • Because your angels are always with you, learning how to communicate with them is all about noticing the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle!) and loving energies appearing  through your seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing intuitive senses – more about that next month in Lesson #3 😉


The angels are here to teach us how to let go of all the “junk” that distracts us from being our true selves – opinions and influences of the people, places and things in our lives. 

Angel communication is about listening to the whispers of your heart and the roar of your inherent intuition.

How do you do that? By paying attention, building your awareness muscle and taking chances.

Following angelic guidance is not mainstream. There are good odds you can’t say to your neighbor, “Hey, my angels told me to wait on shoveling the driveway today because temperatures are going to be higher than expected this afternoon. I’m trusting it’s going to thaw and melt.”

No. If the weather man says it won’t melt, that’s who your neighbor will probably believe. Not the angels. 

So you’re swimming upstream. But that’s okay, because you have good company here AND you are a leader of change. You are here to show people a more compassionate and connected way of being in the world.

Chances are, you’re drawn to the angels because you already know there’s a better way of living life – by following your angelic guidance. Thank you for that…we need more like you to create the change we all feel in our hearts!

I’m honored to swim upstream next to you and share how you can live your life in full alignment – and partnership – with your angels.

Because one step at a time, one guided decision after another…compassionate change happens.

Until next time…

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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