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Angels and the March Winds

Do you ever go through phases in your life when your normal routine seems to be thrown out with the bath water?

Does it totally knock you off balance? Or maybe not totally, but partially?

As a result of the activity from the 8.8 scale earthquake in Chile last week, scientists at NASA are estimating that the Earth’s axis has shifted by approximately 3 inches.

I often say “as within, so without” and I can’t help but relate to our Earth and feel as though my own axis is shifting.

Perhaps you can relate…

When our angels are preparing us for change, they will often create imbalance leading up to that change. That imbalance is all in good order and necessary preparation to help us shift into new mindsets, new ways of embracing life. After all, if we keep expecting our days, our routines to stay the same, how can we keep our minds open to change?

My angels have been preparing me for BIG change. Change that will bring my beloved students and clients wonderful offerings and richer teachings.

For me that change has had to occur on the personal front first.

I will turn 49 this month and my body is stepping physically onto a new path of wisdom and existence. Our 19 year old daughter has met her twin flame and they are moving to Tokyo next week. Our 16 year old son got his license yesterday and I can see his need for me to do much more than stock the fridge, pay the bills and rub his back coming to a close.

My role as a mother is changing. My axis is changing. I am changing.

So how does this relate to the angels?

Well, first of all, this would be a MUCH harder transition if I didn’t have my winged friends perched on my shoulder guiding me… “Do this… Do that… Perhaps it’s time to email Mary?… How about you step away from the Newman’s Oreos?… Maybe this is your opportunity to use some EFT® that you teach about to heal some of the emotional pain associated with this transition… Let us show you how you are stepping into a life that is just as full and just as rich as your life as a full-time mother.”

I love my angels. They are helping me through the biggest transition of my life.

So how does all of this relate to you?

We all experience change. Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.’

The bottom line is that every event that causes any transition whatsoever for you, is an opportunity for positive change, for growth.

Big transitions can create big changes, OR big transitions can create little changes.
Similarly, little transitions can create little changes, OR little transitions can create big changes.

It’s all up to you and your intention to make the most out of every opportunity that comes across your path…or at least most of them.

The winds of March are blowing here in New England and change is in the air. For me, for AngelsTeach, it’s in a BIG way.

My prayer for you…”May your angels guide you to embrace change as an opportunity to heal, learn and grow. May you always be blessed!”

Stay tuned as new changes are coming… 🙂

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