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Life Transitions with the Angels

Mornings. Sometimes I love ’em, sometimes not so much.

This morning was one of the darker ones. Do you know the kind?

In 2 days my daughter is moving to Japan, the other side of the world. It could be the moon as far as I’m concerned. Or maybe even Pluto. She won’t be close enough to hug.

I’ve actually done A LOT of healing around the transition my family is going through with Orlena leaving and our son, Theron, heading into the final year of high school.

I am right smack dab in the middle of the transformation between mother and wise-woman. And I feel wonderfully okay. The angels have been working overtime to guide me through these rocky waters keeping me safe, secure and joyful (not giggly joy, but angelic joy – a good topic for another time.)

Yet this morning has been a toughie. Just getting my bum out of bed was an effort. I even used the excuse that the cat was blocking my exit and the other side of the bed was just waaaaay too far away.

As I finished my morning prayer, my angels said “Today is a day for you to simply take care of your heart. Do exactly what you want to do in each moment. Don’t worry about the business. Don’t be concerned about anything other than what will soothe your heart.”

So I got out the TV controller, usually taboo for me on a weekday morning but it felt deliciously delinquent and I turned on Ellen.

She made me smile. Ellen always makes me smile.

And then a MAJOR angel message came to me. Ellen had a guest singer, Vedera singing a song entitled Satisfy.

The lyrics include:

“Could I find a way to try and make you stay would I know what could be done?… Is there anything left in this world that will satisfy me? Is there anything left in this world that will satisfy me?”

Well guess what I did when I first heard that. Yup, cry.

But the tears were rather quickly replaced with answers to that question.

Of course there are things in this world that will satisfy me beyond the role of a mother. LOTS of things, in fact.

My crazy beloved husband Peter who adores our pet chickens, sometimes wears a purple cow hat complete with ears and horns and is a Human Design Specialist extraordinaire.

My students who keep me sooooooooo inspired with their enthusiasm and drive to learn more and participate in healing humanity.

My cat Fluffy who is feisty and almost always there unless she’s riding on Peter’s shoulder out to the barn for a little hunting expedition.

The next phase with our children that is emerging. I know it will be different and also wonderful as we share life as adults. I’ve already been blessed with welcoming Orlena’s twin flame Joe into our evolving family unit.

My mother who is adoring and such a support. She wrote me an email two weeks ago mentioning that she missed my AngelsTeach emails (she doesn’t know this, but that was a little hint from the angels that I needed to get back into the writing saddle – thanks, Maman!).

Friends, family and experiences too voluminous to mention individually.

And, of course, the magic my angels show me every single day…like the song I heard performed on Ellen.

Once again, my angels brought me back to a place of balance, love and faith.

Life has its transitions and with focus on the aspects that keep our hearts open and filled with inspiration and hope, these transitions are managable…even joyful.

I hesitated to share this with you because it’s personal and frankly there’s a part of me that wondered, “Why would anyone care about this? What’s it got to do with AngelsTeach, anyways?”

And it was Archangels Michael and Raphael who swooped into my consciousness to say, “AngelsTeach is all about demonstrating how life is when you live in partnership with the angels. Life transitions don’t stop, they become easier and more meaningful. People need to bear witness to how we can help through the earthly struggles of being human. Besides, it’s what your heart really wants to do.”

I must go now. My cat Cloud wants to play ball and Orlena will soon be waking.

Be well my dear angel friends. I look forward to sharing with you some of what the angels have been helping me to create for AngelsTeach. I’d say next week, but it might be the week after. That will all depend on the angels. It always does.

Love, Joy and Abundance, Rev. Nina

P.S. You can see the Vedera video on YouTube by clicking HERE. Enjoy!

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