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Community, the foundation for growth

Do your friends and family understand your love of the angels?

Do they “get it”?

Or is your passion for the angelic realm still one of those taboo topics ? Do you find yourself stuffing your angel cards and books under the couch cushions when people stop by while you pray they sit in the wing back chair or at the kitchen table?

I work with so many students who are scared to fly out of the angel-closet. They’re worried they’ll be ridiculed, teased or at best, just ignored. And yet the angels are such an important part of their lives!

I remember when I first learned angel communication. It was this wonderful **secret** shared only within our family and one or two of my closest friends.

I thought, “If I try to explain that Archangel Jophiel and my dead grandmother helped me choose the wallpaper in the hall, or that Archangel Raphael told me what homeopathic remedy my son needs to stop his nosebleeds, or that Archangel Michael is insisting I take a workshop with Doreen Virtue in California, they’ll think I’m nuts.”

I’d imagine conversations like, “Well she was such a successful executive at Fidelity. It’s too bad. Since she left, well…”

All I can say is that I feel deeply blessed to have had such a supportive husband, children and close friends as I emerged from my tender stage in the cacoon. People who fully understood the comment, “The angels made me do it!”

My peeps gave me the strength and the space to become who I am now, be comfortable with that out in the world and to continue my evolution. They provided my spiritual community.

Community is so important. It’s the foundation for growth, learning and connection with people who understand and accept you for who you are…whatever that is.

Next week, I will be announcing a new membership program from AngelsTeach, Living with the Angels.

For just $9.97/month (less than 10 cups of coffee at McDonalds or 2 1/2 lattes at Starbucks!), charter members will receive:

  • an inspirational message from your angels each weekday channeled and delivered by me and sent to your email. Each day, you’ll experience a little magical moment to lift your spirits and help you connect more deeply with your angels
  • monthly angel circle open only to members (similar to the live teleclass/webcast we held this week) hosted by me and a variety of very special angel guests
  • an online angel forum moderated by some of AngelsTeach’s finest teachers, Angelic Life Coaches® and Angel Communication Masters. Each day, an angel card will be posted and interpreted by an expert giving you the opportunity to see, respond and provide your own insight. Other learning and experiential topics will be posted with opportunity to respond, learn and connect with like-minded angel lovers in a safe and inspiring environment.

I am SO excited to be offering you Living with the Angels because for many of you, it will provide the community that you need…and deserve!

Stay tuned for more details coming next week…

And for those of you who have asked or wondered about our daughter’s journey to Japan last weekend. Orlena and Joe are doing well and will be moving into their more permanent apartment next week.

Mom is also doing well. Yesterday was a little rough (as evidenced by the 2 – no scratch that – 4 – no scratch that too – yes, 6 pints of Ben and Jerry’s that made their way into my shopping cart. Oh, but they were on sale!! Ha!).

Other than that, I’m staying in the moment with my angels and doing what feels good.

I’ve decided to paint the bathroom, re-organize the crazy areas of the house and this weather is inspiring me to think about my flower beds. Focus here in Norfolk, Massachusetts is all about creating new and wonderful energy and Spring is a perfect time to be doing this. It’s blossoming time!

At the same time, I tell myself – and I encourage you as well if you’re going through a transition – allow for those moments of sadness to emerge, be honored, see them as temporary and create the space for them to be released.

When necessary, eat ice cream. And, of course, connect with your community. I know I do!

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