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Human Design/Angelic Blueprint

Hello angels…many of you may know that I am a HUGE fan of Human Design, which we also call the Angelic Blueprint (because we emphasize the divinity of it!)

Last week, my beloved husband Peter made an announcement about his 10-page personalized report. Here is a copy of the email he sent out to his subscribers…


Spring is upon us and I’ve been doing lots of soul searching around how I can best deliver what I believe to be the most profound and life changing information I have ever encountered. Human Design.

A little background…
I started my journey with Human Design about 4 years ago with an amazing teacher, Karen Curry. I quickly realized that my skepticism with other “get to know yourself” paradigms was on the mark because it wasn’t until I met Human Design that I met a paradigm that seemed so right, so much of the time. With its massive amount of information, I knew I had the tool to genuinely help people learn how to love and accept themselves more completely.

So I rolled up my sleeves and dug in. For 4 years, I have lived, breathed and yes, even dreamt Human Design.

With roots in the technology field, I put my areas of knowledge together and about a year ago launched my Personalized Human Design Report. Using your birth date/time and location, I can produce a 10-page report that’s all about you! And I had an amazing initial response. People loved it! There wasn’t (and still isn’t) anything like it in the industry.

But there was something still nagging at me…
Even though the cost of the report was only $39, I know there are many people who are struggling financially. Plus, I admit, Human Design is not always polite at the beginning when you receive just the chart data. It can be one of those things that really has to grab your attention and work to win you over (just ask my wife who threw her first chart in the trash!)

So doling out a couple of twenties for something you’re not sure will work for you can feel like too much of an investment. This $39 was already a huge savings from one-on-one readings with trained professionals like myself, but it still didn’t feel quite right. It wasn’t enough. I wasn’t satisfied.

From the soul searching I have done this winter, I KNOW without question that my mission is to reach as many people that I can at a cost most people can afford.

I am what’s called in Human Design speak, the Vessel of Love. When the second technological lightbulb went off and I figured out how to minimize the work on my end so I can reduce the cost of the report to you to almost 25% of the original price, I knew I’d hit a home run. I hope you agree!

For just $9.97, you will receive a full 10-page report with tons of information all about you! (Or friends, loved ones or neighbors too if you’re so inclined.)

Order Your Report(s) Now!!

The report is like an instruction manual and sometimes my clients feel they need some support piecing things together. So if you find you need more…

I just want to remind you that March is Human Design month!!

If you schedule your 2-session reading with me before April 1st, you get 2 one-hour sessions working privately with me. I can help you understand your design and coach you with strategies to make life work more smoothly and successfully. The cost of these 2 one-hour sessions is $139. and also includes the report for you and one friend or family member.

Order Your 2 Session Reading With Your Report

Love, Peace and Light,

Peter Roe

Peter Roe

You can catch Peter on the airwaves each week with Love Your Human Design Internet Radio…visit for details.

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