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Beginnings and Endings…dedicated to my Mom and Dad

Beloved earth angel,

Update: I wrote this on Monday evening. My father passed away on Wednesday morning while I was in Atlanta at a week long business school retreat. The winks and nods from the angels were – and continue to be – unparalleled. I know my father is safely in heaven guarding all that I do.

I dedicate this message to both of my amazing parents. Mom and Dad, this is for you. You taught me how to be me and always supported me, no matter what.

Thank you, sweet one for reading…


This week’s message brings the bittersweet taste that is the hallmark of endings ushering in new beginnings.

As I type, I just arrived in Atlanta for a week long business conference. When I turned on my phone before the plane even got to the gate, I saw I had both a text and voicemail from my oldest brother. Immediately I knew he had news about our father who’s 97 and a half with failing health.

It’s a bit of a circular story of how I came to this place, but the essence of my message is that the angels are so strong and clear – all of the time – with many synchronicities showing their presence. They help us navigate challenging times and help us to see the beginnings that are right there with the endings.

I’m dedicating the message with so much love to my amazing parents. Mom and Dad, this is for YOU!

Click HERE or on the image below…(background music creds to Tracy Bartelle)

Until next time…

xo Elvia

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