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Birds, Birthdays & Building the Future

Tis the season. For divine creativity that is.

The energy of spring makes everything feel new, good, hopeful. Like a salve dabbled on a festering wound, spring applies a cool sense that the sores we’ve been tending in winter can – and will – be healed.

The healing happens easily as we allow the flow of creation that is so prevalent and natural this time of year.

Many of you may know that I’ve been dancing with a thyroid condition which has been such a gift that words cannot even begin to express the appreciation I have for insight discovered and lessons learned from this experience.

In truth I am already healed. I know this. My body and mind are simply working to catch up with this truth. And they will, I just need to allow the time, space and focus on prayer to correct the vibrations of the illusion of disease.

My angels have been very forthcoming with guidance through all of this and one of their most insistent “prescriptions” is to write every day for 3 months. There’s nothing like being “forced” to do what you love to feel better!

To this end, I’ve been working on my new favorite angel project (not time to share the specifics yet, but suffice to say that I am super excited!) The goal of this endeavor is to help earth angels like you, dear Rev. Nina, to *see* the angels messages that are right in front of you. 

Because those messages from your angels can – and will – be…

  • right outside your window in the shadows created by the trees from the brilliant colors of the setting sun
  • above you in the the cloud pattern you see while driving
  • the heart shape left by residue in your coffee cup that brings a surprise smile
  • the reminder to rest your voice when the low-battery light is flashing on your phone and you are tired (even if it is 10am in the morning!)
  • the expression of rebirth from the bird nest under construction on your house

This is what Living with the Angels is all about. Seeing the loving magic of your angels that’s all around you!


Message from the Angels

As a little treat in celebration of our birthday month, I’d like to share the angel messages captured by this photograph I took this morning. While the specifics will vary for each recipient, there will be truth in these words for all of you. I encourage you to also open your awareness for anything additional you need to receive from your angels.

The process I use to interpret the photograph is the same paradigm I use to read angel cards (and also what I teach!) Enjoy!


Building the Future


To set the stage…birds are a quintessential messenger of feminine fertility. The are also symbols of joyous freedom.

This sparrow is guarding her nest as her partner goes off to collect more supplies for building. She is facing the left which represents the past. This is a message to remind us that she is carrying on a procreative process that has been passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time. Parents of all species must prepare, protect and preserve the present generation in order to ensure that there is a sustainable and bright future.

The nest is forming at the southeast corner of our house which tells me we are at an important turning point, an intersection if you will. The choices before us are blessed by the rising sun and will manifest in the heat of the summer sun that blazes hot facing south. The blue sky is a message of hope that the choices to be made will be clear and unclouded.

The tree is on the left/center representing the past/present. It is the Tree of Life that stands strong in support of all that is truth. Its vibrant green are of the heart chakra reminding us to follow our hearts for this is the path of living a full life.

The house and nest are on the right side of the image indicating a message about the future. There is strength, security and abundant creation in the future. The dormant wisteria vines appear dead at first glance, but as I tune in, I sense the life that is beginning to flow beneath the surface…moving upward…raising the vibration of our spiritual home.

All is good. Together, we are building a nest of hope, healing and abundance.

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