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Lessons from Mama Fox

This is a story about a 13 chickens, Farmer Pete, Mama Fox and, of course, the angels.

Farmer Pete (who also happens to be my husband) LOVES our little farm. On this little farm, we’ve hosted sheep, geese, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, turtles, rats, lizards, fish, etc….

We’ve seen lambs being born, chicks growing up and a favorite ewe play basketball in the driveway with our son. Our kids bottle fed said ewe when her mama rejected her.

In efforts to protect our animal friends, we’ve chased away wild dogs, hawks, weasels, coyotes and other unknown beasts.

Mama Fox who’s been visiting of late, has us over a proverbial barrel.

We started this spring with somewhere around 16 chickens. Two weeks ago, we had 13. Last count, we were down to 6.

We’ve done everything we can think of besides installing a whole new fence (cost and time prohibitive) and we pray we’ve finally come up with a solution though not before Mama Fox and her babes have had their fill of our precious fowl.

You see, sly Mama Fox is courageous (she carried out a dead hen right in front of us!), smart (she built her den near the food supply) and bottom line does what she needs to do to survive.

Don’t we all? I know I ate turkey last night.

I’ve wrestled with this situation and burnt the midnight oil chatting with my angels and praying for resolution. Several people, including my mother, has said, “Why don’t you just get a gun?” My reponse, “Moooommmmm! I can’t do that! She’s just feeding her babies!”

Then I think “What if when she runs out of options my precious Fluffy cat becomes her target?” Hmmmm…maybe a gun is something to consider. My angels remind me, “No, couldn’t ever go that route. It’s just not me.”

So what’s the right answer? 

It ALWAYS goes back to living in alignment with integrity, love and respect for all of life.

For some folks, the gun is the right answer provided what happens to Mama Fox and the babies she’s feeding are treated with respect…eaten with honor (something not taught in our culture), handled with love and care in the highest good.

For Farmer Pete and me, our guidance is that this is more between the chickens and Mama Fox. We’ve done what we can to protect the birds. The rest is up to God and the angels.

The funny thing? We don’t eat many eggs; we actually give most of them away.

The more serious thing? Our children are moving out of the nest; it’s mostly their unwanted junk that lives here now. All animal residents, except our son’s young cat, are closing in on their life expectancy. 

Yes. We do believe that Mama Fox is giving us a message that perhaps it’s time to start thinking about moving away from farm life. It’s not 100% clear yet, but I do know the angels will prepare us and make it obvious when it’s time for us to pack up.

Mama Fox? She is bold. She is a stunningly beautiful expression of truth (I’ve seen her run across the pasture multiple times). Her food supply is carefully chosen chickens who have lived happy lives – well up until the last few minutes at least. She does what she needs to do to survive.

What an inspiring example when you stop and think about it…

What can you possibly learn from Mama Fox?

I’ve worked with many earth angels who feel entangled by life’s quandaries. It can be easy to embrace a belief, take a side (e.g. the chickens’) and dive into what’s right or wrong. It can be so easy to slide into the role of the judge.

It’s when we pray, chat with our angels and allow divine perspective that we are able to see the perfect truth that is playing out…even if it’s not what makes our egos happy in the moment.

I invite you dear one to pray with your angels this week and ask them to help you shift perspective with something that feels disharmonious for you. Ask them to help you align with love for all beings involved.

Love truly does heal all things.

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  1. Sai Rahm, Loved the story. First thing that came is to find or be an animal communicator.Second thing ,seeing as you have eggs, put a few out where foxey can get them rather than have her help herself. My logical mind is starting to kick in, get a dog, some scent that foxy don’t like, okay I’m stopping. The Heart is always open to all sorts of communication. There is this vibrational frequency between our Heart & all things, that is our connection. A few weeks ago between our last group session, in a dream, the telephone rang, our daughter Shani (who is not living at home) said, Dad it’s Grandma, she wants to talk to you. Mom passed over in September 2009. So I picked up the phone & Mom said she wanted an Angel card reading. So I said to her, you never were interested in this kind of thing when you were alive, if that’s what you want, okay. I do not know if we talked further or not. Next day when I woke up, the dream, was still vivid in my mind. I did a 3 card spread for Mom. 1st card, All is well, 2nd card, Intergrety, 3rd card, Hello from Heaven… I also draw a fourth card to tie things together. It was Sensitivity. Very interesting who looks in upon you & your situations. In this case a story for a story. I love what you in service to everyone, I AM so blessed to be part of what is. Thank you for sharing your story, I hope enjoyed mine. Love & Blessings Winston

  2. Love your story Winston! Great idea too to do a reading for a deceased loved one. Hadn’t thought of that, but brilliant! Thanks for sharing and so glad you liked my story! (Did bring our dogs into the pasture and that kind of worked…until it didn’t. Hadn’t thought of the eggs though – perhaps we’ll try it. 🙂 )

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