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Conversation with the Crystal Team

With Love on the brain, it feels so appropriate that the angels bring us this channeled message.

In a recent meditation, I felt the topic of “partnership” flow into my consciousness. Not in the way we typically think of “partnership” in mainstream society, but partnership with our angels.

This is a familiar term in the context of my spiritual practice as one of the twelve tenets my husband and I live by:
I live in partnership with my angels.

What I suddenly wondered while swimming in the deeper inner spaces was, “Why IS this a partnership? An ideal partnership implies that two parties are equally benefiting. What do divine Source, my angels, get out of it?”

The dialogue began while in meditation and then continued in written form. I call these guides My Crystal Team and our convo went something like this…


On Divine Partnership, with the Crystal Team

Me: Do you really look at our relationship as a partnership?

Crystal Team: Yes.

Me: On my end, you’ve taught me to surrender every nook and cranny of who I am in service to you, at least as best I can in human form. I encounter an issue or bump and you’re always there. You’ve shown me this path of surrender and so much peace. I know how I benefit, hugely.

Crystal Team: Yes, this is true.

Me: So what do you get out of it? How do you benefit?

Crystal Team: All creation benefits from expression. Creation means little if it can’t be expressed. Think of an idea you’ve had – a good one, even a brilliant one – that you didn’t act upon. An inspiration given, that never came into form.

Me: Like hiring a young dancer friend to teach me a hip hop routine, so I can surprise my family on my 60th birthday?

Crystal Team: Yes, that’s a good one. We showed you that, but you let it go.

Me: Maybe I’ll do it. I still have time.

Crystal Team: True, but here’s our point. Many, many, many bits of guidance and inspiration are poured through the cells of humans each and every day. Much of that guidance is never expressed, because it’s stopped in its tracks. Fears, worries, filters, beliefs…halt divine expression.

Me: But what about lessons learned from those fears, worries, filters and limiting beliefs?

Crystal Team: Yes, of course these are purposeful teaching opportunities. Soul level self-awareness allows the lessons to be learned and the courage to be cultivated. But when the awareness isn’t there and the same lessons repeat and repeat, there are missed opportunities.

Me: That makes me sad. It also makes me wonder why you’ve taught me to believe so strongly that it’s all good. Either that’s not true OR that would mean that these missed opportunities also serve a purpose.

Crystal Team: It is true and they do serve a purpose. It’s just that the trajectory is longer as we are now talking about the timeline for the soul itself, not in human form. Most humans today are here to clear karma at a rapid pace, which only puts emphasis on removing the blockages while in current human form.

Me: Oh, okay. Got it. So what advice do you have for us humans?

Crystal Team: Do the work to heal as the moments and opportunities present themselves to you. Address your human needs, but do not neglect your spiritual path, the calling of your heart and soul. Grow in love for yourself and nurture all that lies within. Your Lightworking souls are precious and much needed, especially now during this Great Awakening.

Me: That’s beautiful, thank you! Anything else?

Crystal Team: Remember that there is no one else like you. Each and every one of you is unique and much needed.

Me: 💜

So there you have it. Wise words from the Crystal Team.
May you know how unique and needed you are. 🙏

So much love from my heart to yours!
xo Elvia

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