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Dealing with Doubt

Dear ones,

First, many thanks to all of you who responded to my message from last week about Doreen Virtue’s recent change of direction. While I haven’t been able to reply to all of the emails personally, I’ve read them and am deeply touched by your stories and gratitude. It seems this touched a nerve and is accomplishing what the angels said it would.

Our world can seem like a crazy place sometimes. We can get the sense that the angels, God, Source are nowhere to be found. There is never ending evidence of violence, hatred, corruption, lack of integrity and, if you don’t mind my candor, bat-shit craziness. Why, oh WHY, would the Divine that’s all about GOODNESS allow this?


Here’s the thing – this pain, corruption and confusion is actually a product of the collective mind. Together, we are creating it and as of today, it’s the lower mind that’s in the driver’s seat. The current state of things is a manifestation of all the fear we are allowing to stay in focus and it breeds doubt.

Law of Attraction (that proves itself to us every day), shows us that when we dwell on thoughts of “life sucks!”…well, sucky things happen.

Conversely, when we stay in the mindset of faith – which, yes, is hard to do AND doable as we make it a priority – we attract goodness into our lives.

Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush, as my mother used to say… to release the doubt, stay in a place of faith and keep your vibration clean and clear, it takes:

  • dedication and commitment – strong enough to get you through those weak moments
  • focus and awareness – to bring yourself back to center when you do get thrown off balance and out of alignment (and you will)
  • all the meditation, stillness and spiritual work you personally need to recognize when the ego is taking the wheel and consciously choose to make a different choice. Doing this with firm commitment (there’s that “C” word again!) will create the space for you to listen to your higher guidance and take action that’s in alignment, in the highest good.

As more and more of us pledge ourselves to Life, to the higher path, to staying in faith and non-judgment…we’ll reach a tipping point as we raise the vibration of the collective. The result is that what we start to see happening on a societal, global level will change and reflect this.

Our planet, humanity, will evolve. As we choose it to be so.


I’d like to share a meditation I recorded a few years ago entitled I Love Me. It’s a guided invitation for you to love ALL of who you are. I encourage you to use the quiet space at the end to weave in any other aspects of your self that need to hear those words of love.

Just click on the purple heart image below to listen to I Love Me…

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