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Excalibur, a Santa Story and the Power of Your Beliefs

Solstice full moon blessings, dear earth angel!

I admit it. I love corny Christmas movies. Once our son left to be with his wife in Tokyo over the holidays, Peter and I had the TV to ourselves.

With a fire blazing in the wood stove and a glass of yummy Cotes de Rhone poured, we queued up The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix and settled in for a holiday treat.

It’s your familiar children-lost-their-father story and the younger sister leads the way to restore faith in Santa Claus (and life) for her older brother and mother.

I’ll leave out all the details and bring you right to what jumped off the screen. At one point, the boy (almost man) is driving Santa’s sleigh while the big guy delivers the gifts.

He’s struggling to keep all those feisty reindeer under control and Santa calls out to him, “They go in the direction of your beliefs. You just need to focus!” (TBH, I forget the exact words, but you get the point.)

The young man set his sites on the next destination, believed it to be possible and off they went.

This time of year more than any, has us focused on what we’re creating. We’re thinking about 2019, we’re reflecting on 2018 and making decisions about what we want to be different in our lives.

While faith and our beliefs is a big thread, it’s often overlooked as we contemplate the landscape ahead.

We don’t typically consider how our beliefs themselves shape what’s to come.

Maxwell Maltz, author of Psychocybernetics writes, “For imagination sets the goal picture which our automatic mechanism works on. We act, or fail to act, not because of will, as is so commonly believed, but because of imagination.” 

When I contemplate the manifestation process and the power each of us possess driven by our beliefs, the angels give me the image of a toddler holding a sword ala Excalibur. It’s way too heavy and way to powerful for such a small and inexperienced human. And yet…toddlers grow up and become strong. Wielding that magnificent sword of manifestation power is something we grow into as we strengthen our awareness, grace and faith muscles.

Through what? Our beliefs!

So what do you believe my dear earth angel? What direction are those beliefs taking you?

More on this next week as we look to 2019 🙂

In the meantime, have a beautiful holiday my sweet!

Enjoy and BE well…with your angels!

Until then…

xo Elvia

P.S. Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is Seeing! 
~The Santa Clause (movie)

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