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Struggling to feel the holiday spirit? Allow this…

Sweet earth angel,

The holidays make what’s inside of us bigger. The intense focus on friends and family, coupled with the stress of a faster pace can bring deep emotions to the surface. We often find ourselves entering into this time of year feeling stretched, exhausted and extra sensitive.

While we are encouraged and strive to be merry and bright, we are also thinking about…

Those people who are no longer with us.

The traditions that have evolved, even if we weren’t ready for them to change.

Another mile marker on life’s great adventure.

Of course, there are many things to be grateful for and exciting new changes that flood in to replace the old, but those lower vibrations are there as well and asking to be recognized.

For the video version of this message, please click on the puppy pic below (Okay…nothing to do with the message, but who can resist that face?!!)

(Photo cred: Rhaul V Alva,

When we invite the angels into our holiday experience, we ignore nothing and embrace everything. The intention is not to hold on, but rather to listen and release what no longer serves – and then open to receive whatever is next with an open and full heart.

This is not something to force, as divine timing as its own agenda.

Rather, this is something to allow…

Allow the angels.

Allow the light.

Allow the grief, the sadness, the fears.

Allow the release.


Allow the opening.

Allow the guidance.

Allow the love.

Allow life.

To take hold and flow within, through and all around YOU! 

No matter what that looks like for you this year.

My heart is sending a big hug to your heart.

xo Elvia

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