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The Angels of Light have a message

Hello beautiful earth angel!

I’ve heard a lot of folks lately talking about passion…a lack of it. They don’t have clarity about their purpose because they don’t feel the inspiration because they don’t feel the motivation because they can’t feel the passion.

And you could reverse that…because there’s little/no passion, there’s no motivation which means there’s no inspiration and so everything’s muddled and confused and there’s no clarity or sense of purpose.

The Angels of Light are here to help.

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When I tune into this swirling energy, there’s a lot of noise. Self-doubt and struggle, yes, but mostly noise. No judgment, it’s just a mass of confusion.

This time of year in the northern hemisphere invites us to get quiet, to go within to allow the stillness to release the noise and create the space for clarity.

It’s understandable that folks are feeling ungrounded, because it can be scary to do into the darkness. We don’t know what we’ll find. The unknown could be good…or it could be bad, worse than what’s here now. It’s easier to hide in the noise…and keep chattering.

Ultimately, this is the primordial dance of the ego and Spirit.

The ego grabs hold and convinces you that you’re confused, depressed, uninspired and Spirit is beckoning you to look higher, focus on the light, go deep into Love.

So how do you untangle the mess and quiet the noise?

The beautiful Angels of Light would like to share…

Dear ones,

The struggle is foundational in your ability to stay in the moment and be open to an experience of gratitude and grace.

This is not an issue with purpose or clarity or passion or any of these things. You do not get from where you are now to any of these “destinations”. They are the outcome of your determination to stay connected to Source.

We angels understand that this can be very hard at times and while we have not lived the human experience, we see it through you, so please know we are only here to help and to guide you.

You seek passion. You yearn for clarity around your life purpose. You want to stop feeling burdened by lower vibrations of unmotivated, uninspired emotions.

When you are aligned and one with your guidance, all of this flows for you. To help you make that happen, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Be gentle with yourself and let go of judgment. You were not taught how to align with Source in school and you were probably not shown how to do this at home. Self-forgiveness opens your energy and prepares you to receive. If you need to spend 99.9% of your energy right now here in this self-forgiveness space, that’s just fine. You won’t be at this stage forever.
  2. Amp up your please’s and thank you’s…for everything. Intend to BE the embodiment of gratitude. Don’t worry if you have to focus on the really small things at first…Car started, thank you. Water boiled for tea, thank you. You’re warm, thank you. You got a new client, thank you. You’re fed, thank you. You received an unexpected call from a friend, thank you. You’re breathing, thank you thank you thank you.
  3. Be patient. While you will immediately feel lighter as you forgive yourself and immerse yourself in the spirit of gratitude, change rarely happens overnight. Know that you’ve planted seeds of glory that are germinating and nourished. Keep up steps #1 and #2 in faith and all those things you’ve been seeking, yearning, wanting…will follow.

We see you as whole, heal and so very connected to us. We are here, just ask. Feel the warm glow in your heart as you tune into our presence and allow the Love of our Light to heal.

Blessed Be.

Enjoy the Light my love!

xo Elvia

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