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[Free Event] Solstice Altar Art Project

I’m excited to announce an inspiring artful event that is our gift to you.

To help you celebrate the light and create inspiration and intention for 2021, AngelsTeach guest teacher, Havi Mandell, will be leading us for a Solstice Altar Art Project via Zoom on Sunday, December 20th at noon-2:30pm eastern.

What this is: We’ll be creating a Solstice Altar piece that is 3 panels on watercolor paper. In the inside center, you’ll be invited to create “The Special Light I Share” featuring a word or short phrase for the year. On the left side, you’ll be copying/printing a card pulled from a deck with written impressions. On the right side, you’ll be inspired to create “Acts of Light” about what you wish to bring in to/through the year. The outside can be angel wings, images of candles, whatever inspires you.

So much fun, eh?!!!

Supplies suggested**: one sheet 22″ x 30″ watercolor paper, cold-pressed preferred. A variety of colors of any water-based paint. One larger brush, at least one medium and one thinner brush. A sharpie.. black (for some lettering), can have a color or gold/silver as well, if you wish. One inspiration oracle deck of your choice (angel, tarot – whatever brings you joy!) and if possible – a way to print out the image of a card. Squirt water bottle. Jar for water. Something to use as a palette. Something to protect the surface you are painting on and yourself.

**These supplies will be used for the process Havi teaches us, however, if you can’t access these as listed and would still like to join, please do! The angels always find a way… 😉

Cost: Havi is generously donating her time for this project and I am hosting/donating the platform, so there is no fee. Again, this is our gift. We are, however, asking that as you are able, please donate to either your local food bank and/or

Who can join: this is open to anyone and everyone, so please spread the word to your world of artistic earth angels.

How to join: this will be done via Zoom. Here’s the link to join:

So, get your supplies and mark your calendar because you are in for a real treat!


To learn more about Havi and her beautiful work, visit her website at

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