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Going with the flow

As you may have seen last week, the angels have had me in their “In-the-moment Bootcamp” and I’ve got to tell you that it has been such a life changing experience. Allow me to share…

Let me start by reiterating that I have really been working with the power of now for quite some time. It’s just that last week, the angels up’ed the ante. So as I entered my busiest time of year, this is what was (and is) on my plate:

  • 2 events a week apart (one yesterday and one next Sunday) that I have to put together all the print material, supplies, organize people to help, etc…
  • lead workshops at both events as well as process all the follow up logistics of entering email addresses, payments, yadayadayada
  • we have our 1st annual student retreat with folks coming in from all over the world this coming Friday and Saturday. I’m hosting this at our house, which means food, prep, etc… in addition to the programming
  • and I have 3 children who need attention
  • I’m currently running 3 full classes and just finishing 1, so have class prep, student homework review, etc…
  • and I have clients who need attention
  • I am releasing my new ABCs of Creating Abundance with the Angels TOMORROW!!! :)… This entails finishing the writing, testing and quality control, plus the promo and processing of orders
  • and I have students who need attention
  • ad deadlines for the next Aspire Magazine are due
  • and it’s my mother’s 80th birthday and I’m organizing a big party for her on May 2nd
  • and the Angels have guided me to launch a new Angel Reading Certification Program self-paced correspondence version by the end of the spring
  • and the Angels have guided me to teach with my friend Barb a new class on Protection with the Angels this May
  • and those children of mine need food from the grocery store
  • and AngelsTeach is continually asking me to guide her onward
  • and did I mention that we have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 16 chickens, 3 geese, 2 sheep and 1 fish? and guess what, they need stuff for them too
  • and I have a husband – who helps a lot thank the angels!

Now two years ago, this list of responsibilities before me would have brought me to a shriveled state of paralysis. But you see, going with the flow means that you don’t try to do something until it is the Divine Time to actually do it.

I like to think of a river. Let’s say that preparing for the retreat is represented by a big old beech tree by the side of the river bank. I see it up ahead, but I’m not there yet. If I try to touch that tree when I’m upriver, I’ll have a really hard time. I can’t reach it yet. I am not ready to prepare for the retreat because I’m about 10 feet upstream drifting past a sunny rock on the other side of the river. I know I’ll get to that beech tree and I know I’ll easily be able to reach out and feel it’s wonderful bark. Everything feels easy to me as I focus on what is right here in this moment.

I actually see a thick forest ahead along my river banks. And that’s a comforting thing. Because I know that as I focus on only the one beautiful thing that is in front of me right now, I am doing everything necessary to ensure that I will be prepared to be Divinely successful when I get there.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and picture your river flowing gently and easily along. If it feels like the current is too swift, use your mind to slow it down. Ask your angels for help if you need to. Life’s too short not to notice the turtle on that rock you just went by.

It’s nighttime now and my river is taking me to my bed for some cuddle time with my current favorite book.

Stay in the flow and trust you are just where you need to be in this moment!

With love, Rev. Nina

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