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Protection – to cover over

I’ve had the honor of spending some quality time this week with my friend, student and colleague Barb Andrew. Barb and I were in seminary together several years ago and while we connected at the time, our bond has grown stronger since ordination.

One of the things that brings Barb and I together is our love of pondering the laws of the Universe. There is nothing that makes us happier than sitting around sipping tea and talking about the qualities of Peace…or the means to Surrender…or new ways to express gratitude. Contemplating the Law of Attraction and how it affects us is just a delicious thing to do on a steamy spring afternoon.

Barb and I will be offering a class entitled Protection with the Angels later this spring. It will be 2 sessions starting on Tuesday evening, June 2nd. Yesterday afternoon we began to put together the outline for how to bring this tricky subject to light.

Why is protection a tricky subject? Because most people view protection from a place of fear. There is a dominant “Oh no, I need protection – quick!” Where the truth of it is that the only thing we need protection from is our own fear-based beliefs. If you remember the Law of Attraction – you get back what you put out. If you transmit nothing but Love to the Universe, then that is what you receive in return.

The history of the word protection is “to cover over”. It is a form of hiding. If you are grounded fully in Love, then there is no need to hide…there is no need for protection.

If this subject interests you, I hope you will join us on June 2nd. Isn’t looking at life from a perspective of Love rather than fear a great way to kick off your summer?!

With Love, Rev. Nina

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