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From the outback of Norfolk Mass

Guest post from Barb Andrew…
Hi everyone,
Am having such a wonderful time with Nina and Peter, their children, friends and a menagerie of cats, dogs, geese, sheep, and 17 beautiful, almost iridescent chickens that I watch scratching for grubs or dashing across the field in answer to Peter’s pretty realistic call. I sit writing or painting or just observing and enjoying.

Being here is truly about the law of manifestation which is so about appreciating these magical moments in order to bring them into reality. To appreciate what already exists here in this very second is the secret. To Be In the Now.

It’s that energy of appreciation, of gratitude that really manifests what the universe knows our soul want. When we surrender into that knowing, that trusting, the angels, that wise and magical component of the One we truly are, bring us our heart’s desires. And helps us remember and appreciate what’s now and what’s next. It’s a never ending circle of appreciation, of love, of gratitude and contentment.

I am so looking forward to the class on Protection with the Angels. Nina and I have really had to work closely with the angelic presence, our highest intuitive knowing and it feels as if we’re going to be bringing some bright new light to the subject. I hope you’ll join us.

And in the meantime, I’m so enjoying the 43 day email class on Abundance that Nina’s now offering. Combined with her enthusiasm and very present awareness of the needs of the participants, it too is an exceptional class that offers a uniquely inspiring perspective on abundance.

I’m off now to pour another cup of tea, then to gather a few clothes for washing, make my bed, pause to notice the wind chimes ringing their deep, resonating notes in the cool Massachusetts air and then to stop for a bit and focus my intention of the highest and best on the the Angelic Life Coach course I’ll be participating in this afternoon. Don’t you just love these moments. Thank you universe. Thank you angels.

Peace, Barb Andrew ALC 


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