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Looking in the mirror

As some of you may know, we hosted our first annual AngelsTeach student/alum reunion last weekend. It was such an honor to be part of this event and to have amazing women literally from all over the world here on the farm in Norfolk, Massachusetts. The energy was just off the charts – awesome!

Our theme for the weekend was looking in the mirror and being able to love yourself. Such a simple concept and yet, so hard for many to actually be able to do. Try it – look yourself square in the eye and say “I LOVE YOU!!!”

And while our focus last week was learning how to love yourself, yesterday I had the pleasure of hearing the Dalai Lama speak. He said that “The true path is the wisdom of no self…Ignorance grasps at the self which does not exist.”

So how do you reconcile the need to love yourself while at the same time embracing the idea that there is no true self? An interesting quandry…

What the angels share with me is that when we are not at peace with any part of our person, we do not want to let go. The ego, the ignorance the Dalai Lama spoke of, holds on. It believes there is something to “fix”. It believes there is something there that is wrong.

When we love ourselves unconditionally, we allow the space for transformation of self to something higher. And through that transformation, the self disappears and merges with the One…with the Love.

By loving yourself in the Divine sense, you let go of the self that attaches to the idea that you must be focused on what’s wrong with you, or with your child, or with your partner. You are able to love yourself and thus all of humanity.

My favorite Dalai Lama quote: “My religion is simple. My religion is Love.”

Love yourself and you will love all life around you.

My love and gratitude for you, Rev. Nina

Here he is, by the way. Isn’t he just amazing?!! So real and so holy all at the same time!

(Dalai Lama photo taken by Reuters Pictures)

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