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Grief, self-care + angel communication

Sweet earth angel,

It was a year on Monday since my mother passed away. While predictable in hindsight, I wasn’t expecting this week to be a bit emotional. An entire sun cycle has been like a period at the end of a sentence. It’s been a week of release and completion.

If you’d like the video version, click on the image below and be forewarned…this is raw, real and completely unplugged…or should I say “totally plugged in…to my guidance! ;)”

This week’s message is a little different, because I am understanding that:

#1 – grief has its own schedule. However we grieve and whether it’s loss of a loved one, or a job, or an opportunity – it’s SO personal. Your grieving process and cycle, dear one, is something that only you (and your angels!) understand.

#2 – following the guidance of the angels, who help us to prioritize life’s demands for our unique grieving process is… essential.

#3 – we can’t heal – you can’t heal, at least not fully – if you don’t allow the space and allow the emotions a voice. Solicit help from the people in your life who will listen to and support your truth. And if you don’t feel you have anyone who can properly do this, ask your angels to help you find community. (Ours does this for our earth angel members, but only you know the right place and people for you.)


I wrote my mother a letter yesterday which morphed into dialogue. (Benefit of her in spirit form – we can talk whenever and wherever!)

She had much to say, but this is what I’d like to share with you…

“No compromises my darling daughter, none. I made far too many because I thought I had to, but from where I sit now, none of them were necessary. I understand this now.”

Wise words.


Know how loved you are, my earth angel. Embrace whatever healing is needed so that your light shines ever more brightly. No more compromises.

As Rebecca Campbell writes in Rise Sister Rise, “She realized that if we were going to heal this global family, She had better start with Her own.”

Until next time…

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