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Independence, a Dependence on Love


Independence. Such a power-packed word!
Doesn’t it feel good to exclaim, "I am independent?", earth angel?
Even if you struggle to fully embrace independence yourself, it’s energizing to say it out loud! It almost feels like unwanted ties and commitments can be snapped off in an instant.
Why does this word carry so much energy and strength?
I wondered just that as I was writing for the Living with the Angels™ members this morning about our July 4th holiday of independence in the U.S.
So I turned, of course, to my angel friends and I asked them, what it is that we ultimately are seeking independence from?
Their answer was simple.
The ego. The aspect of self that keeps us restrained in limiting belief systems.
Now I am not an ego-basher by nature. I believe all aspects of ourselves are divine, including the ego.
I believe we have much to learn from the ego and that is why we are blessed with it.
It is our relationship to the ego that begs a shift from slave to master and screams for independence.

Our egos tend to convince us to "do this" or "do that" or make a list of 1,000 things we need to do before we can become "enlightened" pushing our soul’s dreams away like a peeled grape on a slippery surface.

Rather than succumb to relentless demands of the overbearing ego-friend, we’d do well to invite the ego to dine with us at the table, share it’s experiential wisdom and teach it to understand that it is not the authority.
Our angels are the authority.
Our divinity is the authority.

Love is the authority.

As we join in celebration of independence this weekend, I invite you to nurture a new kind of personal independence.
Independence from the ego.
Nurture the true authority of love.
Before I sign offline today in celebration of this holiday of independence, my angels have asked me to share today’s message I sent to the Living with the Angels subscribers. (You can now join for as little as $1/month!)

Here in the U.S., we are heading into a favorite weekend of the summer – the 4th of July when we gather with family and friends for food, fun and fireworks.
(Note: because of the holiday, the forum will have one card posted tomorrow and then the moderators are off until Tuesday. Email messages will resume Tuesday as well.)
Every year since I was a teenager, I’ve attended the oldest parade in the country in Bristol Rhode Island. We have friends whose parents have a house right on the parade route. I’ve known Peter since highschool, so this celebration is a part of his history as well.
One of my first "parties" that I attended with friends-only, this event is where I fittingly cut my teeth of independence at the age of about 17 with comrades who have proven to be life-long buddies.
Since the beginning, I remember hide and seek, touch football and water polo, giggling until I couldn’t breathe, eating too many baked beans, cole slaw and brownies, cheering on the parade participants and organizing our own voting system for which floats we liked best (or least I sheepishly admit.)
Over 30 years have passed and this is still our tradition. We’re better behaved because we’re older, wiser and now it’s our children’s tradition as well. They love it.
For each of us, 4th of July represents a well worn habit that is a foundation of our summer.
What does this have to do with angels?
Angels are LOVE! Anywhere you are brought closer to love, you are brought closer to the angels. Anyone who brings you love, brings you closer to the angels.
I know our situation with the 4th is unusual and we are truly blessed. For some, the 4th is just another long weekend with an invitation to join in the celebration of independence, or not.
Whatever your plans for this weekend include, set the intention of establishing a new kind of independence – an independence from the ego and a dependence on love.
Love IS something you can depend upon. Always!
A beautiful bunch of black raspberries – the darker ones are just waiting to be picked! Yum!
I am independent from my ego. I depend upon only love!



Gotta go pick some more berries for the tart, water the plants and pack up for the weekend!

Enjoy your holiday of a new kind of independence with the angels!
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