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The Art of Creating a Beautiful Life

Today is a day of new beginnings.

I confess, I”m not sure why yet, that’s just what my angels are asking me tell you.

Often times when we are communicating with the angels, we’ll get the first part of the message and don’t receive the middle, let alone the ending for a while.

It’s kind of like starting a sentence, “I declare…” and then waiting for the rest to fill in. You could even draw the analogy of getting out the bread to make a sandwich, smearing it with mayonaise and then leaving it in the fridge for a while before adding the turkey, cheese and lettuce.

It’s all good and reminds us to have faith that we’ll get there because the answer always does arrive in divine timing. I’ve gotten used to the process, because it never fails to turn out with a happy ending.

So yes, today is a day of new beginnings…

Message from Archangel Jophiel
Sunday marks a unique cosmic shift with the full solar eclipse. While this event is impossible to miss if you live in the area where it’s visible, there is much happening on an energetic level leading up to it that remains unseen. That process begins today.

The hallmark of this cosmic shift is love, compassion and grace. All the ingredients of divine beauty!

You may not know who I am, so please allow me to introduce myself. I am the archangel of creativity and beauty. This cosmic shift has much to do with my work through you on the Earth plane. I am here to show you a new kind of beauty. A beauty that starts from within and then reflects outward on everything it touches.

While beauty from within is not a new concept, it is new in that it has not been embraced and supported by the whole of society for centuries. There is a totality about the beauty that is now available with this shifting of ages. Soon, it will no longer seem the exception, but rather become what you expect, both personally and culturally.

Today marks another stepping stone on that path toward divine illumination. It is indeed a time to celebrate!

Create well, create in faith, dear earth angel!

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