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Is gender equality really what we’re looking for?

On the surface, I want to say yes to this question. But I’m sensing it’s not the complete or entirely accurate answer.

I was guided to read a snippet from the Bible this morning. I am not a religious scholar by any means and it was news to me that Eve was created by God from a piece of Adam’s bone. Later as I was writing, I asked God if He really meant to start things off on an unequal playing field.

The answer, as expected, was no. Then I heard, “You cannot expect an apple to be an orange. Or vice versa. Your world is too focused on equality. Instead, what is needed is emphasis on the unique strengths, gifts and extraordinary powers of each gender and – more importantly – of every human being walking the planet.”

We are so focused on things being fair and holding on to this idealistic belief that everything is meant to be equal. It’s not. It can’t be, nor will it ever be.

And that’s a beautiful thing when you stop and think about it. We’re all special! We all bring our own gifts to the table! We each have different missions to carry out. How fabulous is that?!!

When we hyper focus on equality, we can miss the beauty of sacred individuality.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t need to fix certain things in our society, because we clearly do. Women should be paid equally to men for like jobs. There is an alarming presence of male domination in the arena of world politics. And more…

I have 3 older brothers and my parents did their best to make things equal between us, but it’s impossible. In fact, in some ways it’s made it more challenging for us as expectations have required adjustment. What brother #1 needs is very different from what brother #2 needs which is very different from what brother #3 needs and – you got it – is very different from what I need.

We must be careful where we focus. I don’t want to pee standing up. I love wearing skirts. The reverse is true for my husband, but if he were to authentically choose otherwise, then he should.

Each of us is unique. Each of us is perfect. Each of us has different wants, needs, desires and respective purposes for being in body at this time on Earth. And that’s the way it’s meant to be.

I invite you to join me in visualizing perfect expression of self for all beings on Planet Earth. Ahhhh… bliss.

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