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The Bullet Train of Truth

Truth. Just a concept and yet one that has brought me to my knees. As I’ve begun to step away from serving others out of guilt or shame, I’ve come to understand that my dearest friend Truth is most certainly my ally. She can also be quite the beeeitch.

Once fully embraced, Truth is relentless, daunting, intoxicating, paradigm shifting. Powerful. Like no other.

Truth is a bullet train speeding through my being, my home, because the blinders are off, nothing looks the same. And there’s no stopping it.

People I love may stumble, shake with fear and wonder whhhhaat? I stumble. Where’s the comfort of the past I knew so well? Where’s my blankie?

Truth took it away. Truth knows that the only real comfort is found in my relationship with God, with my Self. This is Truth for my loved ones as well.

For us all.

Truth IS the path.

The good news is, the Bullet Train of Truth always leads to goodness…leads us to what our soul came here to do. There is no more complete satisfaction than that.

The Truth will set you free. John 8:32

And so it is.

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  1. Excellent Ms Elvia… It seems that we’re all being called to dance with our truth. Quite a powerful awakening!
    Not easy, but definitely enlivening. Blessings.

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