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It hit me like a ton of sardines…

La merde has been hitting the fan. Pardon my French, but it seems every where I turn, there are people in crisis…or experiencing some sort of intense energy that’s forcing a pause.

The Universal vibes are supporting upheaval because we are ripe for change. It’s time for us to live as one with each other, be the voice of compassion and steep ourselves in gratitude for life.

This is often a challenge because there are soooooo many distractions.

Think: how can you feel connected to “the One” when your phone’s buzzing, your laptop’s dinging and you’re worried about how you’re going to get to the grocery store between work and your evening commitments. This is not an uncommon scenario…your personal version of it, of course.

What does this have to do with angel communication?, you may be wondering. Everything.

When we are in full partnership with our angels (the ultimate end goal), we are at peace with all that life throws at us. We are channels of divine energy that flows through us and grounds wisdom, abundance and love.


Two weekends ago, my husband and I had the honor of attending a workshop given by a Mayan Elder. My honey, Peter, has studied with her before and travelled to Guatemala twice, but this was my first immersion in her teachings.

The main focus of the weekend was learning the Five Medicines: Humility, Respect, Offerings to Life, Permission and Gratitude.

We spent a lot of our time on the Gratitude piece and I walked away feeling as though my relationship with this powerful medicine had deepened to a new level, although I wasn’t sure how…until yesterday.

A little photo intermission… 😉 
Mother Tree taken on our weekend walk at Trustom Pond in Rhode Island

Click to view Mother Tree

The day following the workshop, “the stuff” really started to fly in my own life. My mother fell and was taken to the ER. I was on the scene as quickly as I could and am grateful that she only bruised a rib. Painful, but manageable. This injury, however, has necessitated 24/7 care as she also has dementia. (She thought New Year’s was two weeks ago. :/) My 93 year old stepfather has also been falling frequently and had his own trip to the ER the week before.

My brother was scheduled for knee surgery on Thursday and Peter and I were signed up to cover his needs as well as those of our 93 year old father, who he cares for. There were some complications with the aides who help during the day as well as situations with both of my children who are learning how to navigate this world as an adult…many urgent needs drawing on my energy.

Then Saturday night I learned that the mother of three children who attended our summer camp (years ago) died of cancer in July. Sometimes Facebook is not the best place to visit before bed.

Soooooo…feeling raw from a full week I found myself on Sunday afternoon in the mindset of “Well if I can just…get a bath, watch a movie, cuddle with Peter by the fire, … I’ll be fine.”

And then it hit me like a ton of sardines. I have been making my happiness conditional. There have been areas in my life where gratitude is absent. Nothing big and glaring, but there under the covers.

I’ve worked hard to be in the flow and heal whatever is blocking the experience of Oneness. This was new to me…subtle scripts running through my head with the veiled intention of keeping me uplifted. Scripts all focused on things outside of me.

Then I thought further…

“My morning is complete if I can have my tea…and it has to be steeped just so!”

“I’ll be more comfortable when the weather isn’t so cold…”

“All I need is_____…”

We all have ’em – these subtle (or not so subtle) scripts that create a box containing our happiness.

But why would we want to contain our happiness?

Obviously, we don’t.

I realized I had to back up and open my heart in gratitude for all the blips, warts and bumps in my day/week. Yes, even the passing of the beautiful earth angel woman I mentioned and my mother’s painful injury.

There are gifts in all things and having gratitude for the ones that are really hard to accept…only makes us stronger and more connected to the full meaning of faith that aligns us with God.

We may feel remiss inviting gratitude for the yucky and unpleasant things in life, but that is a notion of the ego who doesn’t understand.

Everything happens for a reason and when we skip the gratitude, we miss the reason.

Doesn’t it feel better to reap the rich rewards from the tough stuff and make them count for something? I think so.


If you are struggling with these intense energies my dear earth angel, the angels’ prescription is this…

First, make a gratitude list either written or mentally. Include the easy things and be sure to include the ones that make your lip curl – these are the ones that will blow through any obstacles to joy. Breathe in the love and ask your angels for help as necessary. This is not easy work!

Second, as you are able, focus on service. How can you pay your love forward? What can you do personally to make this world a better place? Hold the door? Phone a friend in need? You know your options…

Both gratitude and service are old topics, but never worn out. Sometimes we just need to dust them off. 😉 


Until next time…

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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