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Thanks, Focus & Cipro…

Focus for us sensitive souls, the Lightworkers of the world who want to heal everything that crosses our path, can be a real challenge. Can you relate dear earth angel?

I have two announcements to make and a related story to share…


Announcement #1 [Free Event] – AngelsTeach Thanksgiving Prayer

On Sunday, November 23rd at 10am eastern, my beloved husband Peter and I will be leading a group prayer event in celebration of our gratitude and thanks for this beautiful AngelsTeach community.

If you have a prayer you would like us to share and read, please use the event link below to submit it ahead of time. You will hear us say your prayer and ask our angels to hold divine space for you live, or you may listen to the recording after the event is over.

Title: AngelsTeach Thanksgiving Prayer
Time: Sunday, November 23rd at 10am Eastern
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast + Recording
To attend, submit your prayer or listen to the recording after the event is over, visit:

We look forward to connecting with you and praying on your behalf!


Focus. Focus. Focus…what’s that you said? 😉

We live in an ADD/ADHD society. Even if we don’t have a diagnosis, there are so many energies pulling us in a thousand directions. How do we know where to turn? How to respond? What’s really going to take us in the “right” direction?

I was chatting with my beautiful 24 year old daughter earlier this week. She’d been to visit an urgent care clinic outside of Philadelphia a few weeks ago for a suspected infection. The doctor on site was not very supportive and insisted that she get a pregnancy test. Knowing 100% that pregnancy wasn’t a possibility, Orlena declined the test. The doctor harassed her and made comments about immaculate conception. Not very nice.

Next the doctor wanted to prescribe an antibiotic called Cipro. Orlena – who has a very strong intuitive sense and is in tune with what her body wants/needs – asked for Keflex because she’s done well on it in the past. The doctor refused and insisted (not very politely) on the Cipro sarcastically siting that Keflex is only for patients she suspects are pregnant.

Two days later, my daughter had a dramatically bad reaction to the Cipro. And I do mean bad. 

We worked through it with lots of prayer from this end. All is well now…thank you angels!

Lessons learned/emphasized – ask for help when you need it, don’t forget to pray and always trust your instincts.


So what the heck does this have to do with focus?

Orlena asked me if I thought she should follow up with the doctor and officially complain. Of course many people are prescribed Cipro and are fine…but this doctor was disrespectful and prescribed it against my daughter’s request. Should she pick this battle?

For us sensitive souls, there are many battles we can see that need to be fought – poverty, war, injustice, … How do we know which ones to engage in?

What I told my sweet girlie is that it has to feel right down to the core – is this a battle for you?

What I believe is that we all have roles. Think of a theatrical production…Camelot comes to mind.

We can’t all play the part of King Arthur or Guinevere or Sir Lancelot. We can’t all be a knight at the round table. 

No. There is one King Arthur, one Guinevere, one Sir Lancelot. These roles are not interchangable.

Whenever faced with the question of: Is this my battle to fight? Is this my task to complete? Is thismy duty?

Ask yourself, your angels – is saying yes to this (whatever it is) really my destiny? Does this choice keep me on my highest path, or is it a battle that truly belongs to someone else?

You can actually apply this to any choice you’re making, not just the biggies.

Stay aligned and focused with the intention that you are here to live out your destiny…to play your role and only your role. 


Announcement #2 – Holiday Break and Family Leave

It has been my intention to write to you once a week. Caring for my elderly mother, father and being there for my children this fall has been an almost fulltime job.

At the same time, we have a beautiful Living with the Angels community I minister to on a daily basis and I am also working on a new AngelsTeach website – coming in 2015! – as well as some other essential and exciting ventures I look forward to sharing.

To this end, I will be taking a short break from regular public emails and will resume in the new year.

Please know that I pray for you every morning. AngelsTeach – which exists because of the beautiful souls like you, my dear one! – is never far from my thoughts.

I do look forward to being with you in thanks and prayer on the 23rd.

Until then…

With love,

Rev. Elvia

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