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[Free Audio] Meet Your Angels and Guides for 2020

Dear earth angels,

It’s a REALLY noisy world. Like, really. Noisy.

And scary… for a lot of people.

It seems that if we’re not super vigilant every single day about staying close to our angels and guides, the noise can overwhelm, distract and be down right painful.

Chaos and destruction appears to reign.

The news…is focused on drama and trauma on an ever-escalating level.

Movies…pain and apocalytic themes.

Political stories running away with themselves. I’m following one candidate in particular and the daily emails always start with a subject line indicating that the end of the world is tomorrow…unless I donate.

People are legit freaking out.

In response to a strong need for grounding and connection in the world right now, my angels have guided me to offer you two (no cost) things.

#1 – I’ve recorded a guided meditation entitled Meet Your Angels and Guides for 2020 with an intention to help you focus on building a more intimate relationship with your divine helper(s). This was first meant for our Living with the Angels™ members only, but my winged friends have asked me to share here.

Please enjoy…

Click to listen now: Meet Your Angels and Guides for 2020

#2 – I’ve seen way too many very gifted earth angels keep their powerful gifts at bay because of self-worth challenges.

Inner scripts like: I’m not good enough to do this. I’ll never get it right. People don’t want to hear from me. Why bother, no one wants what I offer anyways.

Sound familiar?

To help with this, I’ll be hosting a Self-worth with the Angels 9-day Tapping* and Prayer event beginning the second week in March.

I’m still working on the exact start date/time and online venue, but what I do know is that this event will be free of charge and open to everyone.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might benefit, please watch your inbox for registration details. And be sure that [email protected] is in your approved contacts list with your email provider.

(*Tapping is a process also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT that facilitates the release of negative thoughts and beliefs.)

What I know to be true is this…

First, there will always be drama. There will always be reasons to freak out. There will always be reasons to get distracted and not listen to guidance. The ego yearns for this. One could argue, that’s its job. To take us away from spirit, from our angels.

Second, if we don’t pay attention to how the energy, this noise and pain, is affecting us on a body/mind/spirit level, it can take us out of alignment with health, with grace and, honestly, with truth. Away from our angels and their guidance.

Third, and most importantly, we – the lightworkers and healers of the world – need to be connected with our angels and grounding Love now, more than ever. We must be the warriors standing strong for peace and faith in the divine process.

Until next time…
May you always feel the love, guidance and grace of your angels!
xo Elvia

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