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It’s Mother’s Day as I type. Peter’s at his Sunday soccer game and I’d been cherishing the idea of nothing on my plate, alone for a few hours in my house – just BEing… with no agenda or responsibility. I’d pictured myself digging into a new book or inventing a tarot spread for Mothering.

But as all mothers know, mothering never takes time off and when The Empress calls to the mother archetype within, we are urged to respond.

So here we are… I am called to write.

Before I begin, please know that this is not at all intended to trigger anyone on either side of the challenges facing us with immigration. It is an extremely complex topic and if we look at it squarely with a clear heart, the emotions are intense with layers upon layers. My intention is to spawn creative thought and offer a unifying perspective for the sake of healthy dialogue and a greater healing.

I know I have followers with a variety of beliefs and all are welcome here. In fact, I cherish that. The only way we will move forward as a society is to gather around the table, respect each other’s views, share with compassion guided by Love and work together for solutions that heal ourselves, our families, our tribes, our countries, our planet.

I fell down a rabbit hole last night on a Facebook thread about the impending emergency housing for immigrants in our sleepy suburban town. To be fair, there are some legitimate concerns with respect to the impact to our schools and social services, as well as the fact that the plan involves housing these people at a local prison that has been empty since 2015 and would be repurposed for this Safety Net. I do not know all the details about circumstances or other options. All I know is that the governor of Massachusetts announced this plan yesterday and it spawned a lively conversation among the Facebook people of Norfolk.

What kept me up last night is:

  • What is my/our role in affecting impactful change? It’s easy to emotionally short circuit and do nothing from a place of helplessness. But… if I don’t allow myself to feel helpless and rise up, then what is the right next step? And, what really is best for people who aren’t safe in their countries? What really is best for their children? For our children? For the greater good of humanity? How do we untangle this mess?
  • Why is it so hard for humans to feel compassion for others – rooted compassion, not surface level – especially for those who have been through so much. At some point, it doesn’t matter what their legal status is – they’re human beings who have been through hell and are trying to create a better future for themselves and their children. This doesn’t mean a solution is right or wrong. I’m simply suggesting that this perspective has to be kept in mind for us to solve the problem with any kind of true impact or meaning.
  • What’s happening underneath that people hide behind a specific reason to back up a point of view that seems more socially acceptable, when the real reason is something more corrosive to us as spiritual beings… “not in our town” thank you very much. Perhaps it’s our resistance to really looking at things, because – well, it hurts to bare witness to so much pain and struggle. It’s easier to dismiss. Or, maybe this is a natural response from someone who’s just had too much heartache and can’t handle another dose. I get that 100%. But I also know that perpetuating a narrative for surface level action isn’t the path through.

The immigration situation is thorny and riddled with complexity. It’s hard to know what to do.

Like many of the problems facing us, there is no clear or right answer BUT we do – no matter where we sit or what we think – have a role in creating a peaceful, sustainable and vibrant planetary community.

Enter: The Empress. Our angel medicine.

The Empress calls us all to Mothering as an active choice in every moment.

Mothering as a role for women with or without children, men, non-binaries – anyone who is tapped into the Mother archetype – embracing, harnessing and expressing healthy Empress medicine.

Mother as nurturing.

Mother as compassionate.

Mother as a healing force.

Mother as creative, open minded and open hearted.

Mother with healthy boundaries as one who says no to that which is not safe.

Mother who respects all others, regardless of their beliefs. She owns the healing when it is hers to own. She welcomes all to her table for constructive, heart-led conversation about the hard things. She also laughs easily with the joyful whispers of Life.

The role of the Mothering is for everyone and it is there for us in each decision in every moment.

We each have our own unique interpretation and path with it, but it is all of ours nonetheless.

And when we join together, united by the belief in a path of Love over fear, we will accomplish great things.

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  1. E,
    I always appreciate your even stance on things.

    Like you, I’ve always wanted to help the underdog.

    At this point,I’ve come to realize, that those who come here illegally are insulting those who waited and endured the long chain of entry process correctly, and who, now here, do contribute to our overall economy and community structure in a positive way.

    When interviewed, these illegal invaders are quick to stare they were promised shelter, education, work, etc.

    The question remains: who promised this?

    Certainly not former immigrants, not current municipalities, not our congress, not a specific state.

    Each of these entities suffers a huge burden to attempt to care for people who entered the USA illegally.

    Last year’s budget to care for them was 66 Billion dollars.

    Last year’s budget for veteran care was 3 billion dollars.

    What sense does it make to quickly find shelter for people who broke the law to get here, when people who gave up their lives, an arm, their mental health defending this country have no place to sleep, shower,,eat, too call their own.

    I see no agency or city rushing to solve this huge problem by finding an empty school and turning it in to appropriate housing for veterans. It would be fantastic, but it’s not even a slight thought in anyone’s mind.

    If you and your husband would feel confusedly providing a room and food to a family here illegally, then do it.

    Or , consider doing the same for a veteran who defended the country so we could have this open conversation. It’s a difficult thought, isn’t it?

    I’ve recently left a neighborhood where a family supported many many coming here, getting papers, getting legal, and getting and education to earn a living and be out on their own.

    It’s very very different than what’s happening.

    I can state unequivocally that they are horrified, feel betrayed, that others are sneaking in and getting better treatment than they did, or those they are helping are getting.

    We are melting pot of people who followed the rules, not people who broke laws.

    I’m sad to hear that your town is putting those who have snuck into the country before those who defended it.

    They should be finding funds to get them back to their former home, where they can fully function.

    1. Thank you, Linda, for your heartfelt and thoughtful sharing. This is indeed a thorny subject with so many layers to consider and emotions to process with myriad perspectives that are valid and need to be heard. As I just wrote to my membership community, “Our work at hand… whatever anyone’s views on the subject may be, we are all called to be kind, compassionate and respectful – which is really hard work with such charged topics. AND essential if we’re going to work together to create a more peaceful and loving humanity.”

      Perhaps I’m an idealist, but I truly believe that with open hearts and open minds that lend to healthy dialogue, we will find the answers that are in the highest good for all.

      Thank you for being the Light being that you are!

      Blessings to you and yours,

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