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Need an angelic boost?

In just the past couple of weeks, it seems folks are struggling at a new level.
Distracted, emotional, stressed and exhausted…a lot of first and second chakra stuff. Understandably.
Not only are we dealing with a pandemic, but we’re dealing with people’s reactions to it plus major social change… all in a much more intimate and immediate way thanks to technology/social media – which is a huge gift and a force all its own.

I’ve wondered if this is the right time to launch our Painting & Claiming Your Earth Angel Self adventure, with all that’s going on.
A year ago I would have simply written, “Come play and paint with us! We’ll have fun!”
But that seems trite now.
Earth angels are hungry for comfort and foundation…for reassurance that divine help is present and helping. I get a vision of people being caught in the raging river waters of transition and grabbing a log or finding a rock to stand on.

And the angels whisper, “This is exactly the right time. This has nothing to do with creating a painting to hang in a museum and everything to do with diving into a part of you that has been unseen, unheard – your creative genius. Through painting and allowing those lower chakras to express.”

From the start, this project has felt deeply guided with a purpose far more expansive than meets the eye.

We are being called to perservere, to heal, to love ourselves.
We are being asked to forgive, to let go, to love one another.
We are being encouraged to create. Not exactly as we have in the past, but in a way that taps into the true essence of the soul on a whole new level.

Here’s what our artist and guide, Havi Mandell, has to say about this project and why she feels it’s so important right now. (Click on video image below.)

Break out. Dig deep. Look at the shadows and give them voice through color. Sprinkle the sparkles.
We will do this through ritual, meditation and so much more.

Painting and Claiming Your Earth Angel Self

If you are curious about the hidden aspects of your inner earth angel that can be accessed through creative expression, we would love to welcome YOU to our virtual studio!

How it will work:

  • There are 17 instructional/experiential videos that will be released over the course of 4-6 weeks, beginning in early August.
  • All registrants will gain access to our Student Center where the videos and course information will be posted. This gives you the option to easily access this course in the future, should you decide you want to do it all again. 🙂
  • The fee is a one-time payment of $55 

Please know that supplies are not included. 

Learn more about Painting & Claiming Your Earth Angel Self 
OR jump right in and register for this event (cuz your angels are saying, “Let go and dive in!”)

This quote from Meggan Watterson’s Mary Magdalene Revealed feels so relevant as we honor this noble priestess today, because art is an often overlooked path to this altar within.
“If I could start again, I would install an altar within me. I would place the most sacred object inside it: my own heart.
“If I could start again, I would know that the only cathedral I’ve ever needed to find, to enter, to return to again and again, is this humble red hermitage, this mystical space that holds all the answers. I would begin again inside my heart. And I would live this way. Speaking from it.”

Join us!

Until next time…
xo Elvia

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