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On the Other End of Surrender

Surrender. A state of being so many of us strive for. A destination of sorts. An act of letting go.

What I realized recently, is that surrender comes more easily if I envision something on the other end.

If I can give what I’m toiling with to someone/some being. Approaching surrender as a process of offering something I possess (or am possessed by) to someone/some being…feels good. It feels immediate because the task is more in a flow.

To simply exclaim, “I surrender!” feels incomplete.

I surrender to God.

I surrender to Love.

I surrender to Grace.

I release these struggles of my ego and am honored to share them…to surrender them to you, dear angels. They are my gift… to you. And I am grateful that you are open to receive them relieving me of my burdens.


When we surrender to someone/some being, we are reminded that we are not alone in the journey. This brings tears to my eyes, for, of course, this is true.

When we surrender to God, we understand that God is right there, ready to take over and drive the bus.

When we surrender to Love, we get it! We get Love, because Love is an entity of Divine Intelligence. It teaches.

When we surrender to Grace, we consciously accept that we are a part of the whole. An integral – and very necessary – part of the whole.

Surrender. A connecting point between the soul and all things Divine.

Blessed Be.

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