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Taxes, Angels & Conscious Alignment

Follow your heart. Do the work that makes you feel gooooood. Right?!

Well when does the heart lead us to roll up our sleeves and dig into all those tax forms? When does that ever feel good?

Here’s the thing…there’s a difference between “good” and “right”. I like to think of the word alignment. When we align, we’re plugging into the flow of our highest guidance, which will always feel right, may not always be fun and will always satisfy.

God and the angels are omniscient – they know we have earthly tasks to care for, taxes being one of them. And the laundry has to get done as well.

Aligned guidance leads us on the path that nourishes and supports us, which includes minding our earthly responsibilities.

Sometimes, earthly responsibilities can overwhelm – this is where conscious alignment is paramount.

As I write, I’ve tuned out about 15 text/Facebook messages. There are many folks waiting for me to answer questions, send them something, respond. The cats are having a grouchy morning and are pestering, pacing around me. I have piles of desk work before me, including taxes.

I breathe. I align. Another text comes in, I feel the stress and I align again.

I do this until the peace is persistent. Trusting that my angels are leading me where I need to go. They always do.

I focus on the priority before me, in this moment. Writing – for clarity, release and purpose. This is all that matters in this nano-second.

It is not right, not aligned, to tend to the taxes, the bills, the cats, the laundry, the texts right now. In a few minutes, perhaps. Not now.

Conscious alignment with the angels + following your guidance moment to moment = serenity.

(And your taxes will get done – promise!)

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