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One Rule

My mother used to say, “There’s an exception to every rule.” Drove me crazy…how could it be a rule, if there’s an exception.

My motto is more one of “rules were meant to be broken.” I’ve never met a recipe I didn’t change…a guideline I needed to tweak…an authority I haven’t questioned…a speed limit I needed to…okay, I’ll stop there.

It’s just who I am. Or really was, because there is one rule I strive to live by.

Follow my guidance.

Back in the early 2000’s, I attended a 2-year training in homeopathy. I remember the esteemed teacher asking us all, “What does it mean to be successful?”

I forget why he was asking, but I enthusiastically raised my hand and said, “To be happy!”

He replied with a “Yes, but there’s more. What else [all you other not-so-simple-minded students]”?

30 minutes later, my fellow classmates had put together a long list of what it takes for humans to be successful. Many expected traits like financial stability, good relationships and health, community stability and also noble gestures like being compassionate, kind, generous, etc…

I stayed quiet about further voicing my opinion, but I felt – and still do – that happiness is the answer. Plain and simple. And it has nothing to do with circumstances outside of us.

When we’re happy, we’re seated in guidance. It’s the hallmark of walking hand-in-hand, wing-in-wing with God. The kind of happiness that scratches the itch and doesn’t leave you wondering what might be missing. It’s a feeling of completion. Wholeness.

And that guidance we feel when we’re connected? It takes us wherever we need to go…to financial stability, to opportunities to serve in generosity and compassion, to the people who are meant to be in our lives, to a world that feels safe.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama wrote, “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”

Opinions is the lead energy in my Human Design chart. Trust me, I know how to be bossy and tell you what I think. Years have taught me, however, that being bossy and forcing my opinion is not only pointless, but misguided.

I will never know the path of happiness for you. I only know it for myself.

What I am certain about for you, for me, for our planet…is that the more we stay true to who we’re here to be and follow our divine guidance, the more certainty there is in a bright future for all of us.

Only you and your angels know the path of happiness for you.

Do just this, and you will know God.
Follow your guidance.

Until next time…

All my love,
xo Elvia

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