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Pearls, Oil Spills & Angels

Ever heard a 2 year old sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?
It goes something like this… “Bup abobv the whirled so high, wike a diamon in da sky”

I can hear my almost 20 year old angel daughter singing it now! In fact, I woke up with her reciting these words over and over in my head this morning.

I bounced out of bed recalling happy memories of her sporting a pink tutu (which she still wears by the way), yellow rainboots and a Sonic the Hedgehog mask (which she also still wears when she’s being silly). She comes home this Saturday and my heart is soaring.

Getting dressed after a nice stretch on my yoga mat, I decided to wear a blue summer sundress. A good choice for a muggy June day, I thought.

As I was standing at my dresser, a string of my grandmother’s enormous costume pearls beckoned to me, “Come on, wear me today…please?” I’ve only worn these before to evening events and more formal occasions.

Seriously? Today? You want me to wear these to Target and the grocery store? Angels, what’s going on here?

I thought of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City who seems to be able to combine pretty much anything and look fabulous.

And I heard my angels say, “Go ahead, play dress up today!”

Here is the dialogue that continued between my angels and me…

Wow! I must really be losing it, replied my defiant ego.

Archangel Michael continued, “No, dear one, you are not ‘losing it’ as you say. You are tapping into your inner child which holds a yet untapped wealth of creativity. You know you are already creative and we are here to tell you there is so much more…not just for you, for all of your earth angel friends.”

Your world is at a pivotal turning point, you are juxtaposed to enormous change. This is your chance to access your well of creative potential and direct that shift in a very positive way. This opportunity lies before every single one of you…and it will only take a critical mass to make the difference, like a see saw that is perfectly balanced and then a little more weight is added to one end.”

Ahhhh…another childhood analogy with the see saw!

“Precisely,” stated Archangel Raphael. “When humans grow to become adults, they most often leave behind the magic that a child can capture so easily. We are not playing games here, dear one. We have fun…and we mean serious business.”

OK, so what would you like me to do to help out here? How can I best serve? There is so much going on in the world right now and I’ve been waiting for your guidance as to how I can take action and bring your guidance to others for creating positive change.

“Yes, you’ve been very patient,” said Archangel Michael. “You’ve needed to process your own emotions around all of this so that you can bring a pure heart to the table and lead others without judgment, shame or unbridled anger.

“It is easy to look at the oil spill and feel anger. It is easy to point fingers and choose to blame and hold others accountable. Our point to you this morning is that it is you who must assume accountability. All of you. Not for the oil spill, but for your own behavior and emotions around it.

“Anger that is non-judgmental and used to bring about necessary change in a loving way transforms away from anger into passion.

“Grief and sadness that is understanding the lives sacrificed may have been for the highest good to help billions of others wake up to the realities of your modern era becomes purpose.

“Fear that your world is out of control and realizes that the only person you have control over is you…and you take that responsibilty 444% evolves into doubt and eventually into inspiration.

“All we need you to do at this point is to share this message. It will affect those who are destined to hear it at this time.

“We will be helping you with your prayer video that you are already planning for the solstice, June 21st. You are simple laying the groundwork today.”

Alrighty then. I’m on it! You know I will do whatever you guide me to do in the highest good. Thank you dear wise ones!

“One last message in closing here…”, whispered Archangel Michael.


“Today is a good day for everyone on your planet to think a little more globally. I suggest anyone who reads this to pause for a few minutes, tap into your inner child (put some pearls on or a fireman’s hat if that helps!) and bring a bit of that creative, childlike imagination to the surface. What adults all over the world need to remember is that your imagination is where all new beginnings must start.”

Beautiful advice, thank you!

Blessings to you and all your angel friends!
In divine love and service, Archangels Michael and Raphael

Feel your angels around you today my friends and enjoy your day!

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