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Who Put the Fairy in Fairy Tale?

You want to know who did it? YOU did it! YOU put the fairy in fairy tale!

(I’m hearing the children’s song “who me?…yes you…couldn’t be…then who?”)

You, me and all the awakened earth angels have the ability to create positive transformation not just on a personal level, but on a planetary level.

I’ve received so many emails of different groups organizing prayer and making serious efforts to bring light to our planet that often appears to be in a state of disrepair. It’s wonderful to witness an era when millions are gathering together to create change for the good of all.

For those drawn to pray for change here with us at AngelsTeach, we are in the process of creating a video-prayer that will be released on Monday, June 21st – the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year down south.

As we ready ourselves for this prayer for transformation, our angels are continually reminding those of us paying attention of our inherent ability to create. This power comes from very deep within us and is easily accessible as we move aside any layers of resistance and allow our God given abilities to surface.

A child can do this easily. Allow the magic, that is.

The angels are reminding me of one of my students who last night recalled a quote from Jesus, “forgive them, they know not who they are.” She was emphasizing the point that we are said to use an average of 10% of our brain capacity, was the other 90% a waste of divine effort?

Of course not! The angels insist it’s largely a matter of inviting our inner child to play, to create. This may seem silly or even over-indulgent and I assure you it is not. It is our inner child that is most connected to the angels.

Our inner child knows that limitations beginning with, “I don’t know. I can’t do that.” are fabrications of the ego that has been wounded from trying and being shot down before the opportunity for success has emerged.

The inner child’s natural response is, “Let me try. Let me pretend and see what happens.” The inner child knows no limitations and believes all is possible.

Before I bop offline today in celebration of my angel-daughter’s 20th birthday, my angels have arranged for me to share this magical story with you because it is a beautiful illustration of how the “unbelievable” does exist. It’s also a lesson in energy. Below is an excerpt from what I sent to the Living with the Angels subscribers this morning.



My Orlena is one of those people who can find 4-leaf clovers. In fact, it’s practically as easy as breathing for her. Just the other day here on our farm she found 6 with hardly any effort!
Her grandfather Orville (who was the 7th son of a 7th son) had the gift. He passed it on to Peter, his last and 6th child, who became famous for his 4,5,6 and even a legendary 7 leaf clover.
Orlena’s ability appeared in Kalispell Montana about 8 years ago when we were traveling with family. She had heard her father talk about these magical treasures and seen some of his collection. She wondered if she’d inherited this coveted Roe trait.
Searching through the grass outside the carousel, she discovered her first. Bliss! I remember her screeches of joy as she jumped around “I found one! I found one!”
From that point on, she’s had the gift. (Interestingly enough, Peter hasn’t found one since. He has “given” it to his daughter just as his father had “given” it to him.)
Fast forward to the present…
When Orlena was recently living in Tokyo, she went to a park with some friends for the Cherry Blossom festival. She saw a patch of clovers and explained about the 4-leafs. Her British friend didn’t believe her. He thought it was just a myth.
“Really?” Orlena replied as she looked down at the ground. Within 45 seconds, she found one and handed it to him. “Just a myth?”
This ability, this gift is a beautiful demonstration of how vibration and the Law of Attraction works. She doesn’t have to search or look, she senses the vibration of the clover, stoops down and picks it.
One of the 4-leaf’s Orlena found in our field last week
As we sensitize ourselves to vibrations that exist in everything that’s around us, we gain enormous awareness…both good and challenging.
Use today’s energy to be aware of the vibrations you are experiencing. Notice how your energy responds to these vibrations. What happens to your body/your emotions when you feel something less pleasant? What happens when you feel something yummy? Be open to all positive opportunities, even if they may seem “mythical”!
By the way… I’ve never been able to find anything other than a 3-leaf clover. I remember taping extra leaves to ordinary clovers ones when I was little and trying to convince my mother it was “special”. No, this is definitely a Roe-thing and by blood, I am a Bailey not a Roe. (We Bailey’s have our own special powers!)



After I sent this message out this morning, Orlena went out to the garage and returned about a minute later with a rather large 4-leaf. She reminded me that the one 5-leaf she’s found was on the day last year when she began dating her soul mate.

She gave “today’s catch” to her Daddy. Here they are basking in the glow…

Magic does exist.

For me, it’s not with finding clovers. For you, it will be your own unique gift that you offer the world.

As we prepare for prayer, I invite you to play with your inner child and invite the magic.

Make sand castles.

Pick daisies.

Look for angel messages in a bag of chocolate chips strewn out on the counter (we were joking about this in class last night, but if tea leaves can be read, why not chocolate?!)

Bring forth all your gifts.

Tapping into this source is how together, we will create the change we are praying for.

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