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[Video] October Messages from the Angels

I’m delighted to share that the Angels have made very clear that it’s time to re-emerge with a new edition of Messages from the Angels. And yes…there’s a theme 😇 … Continued

By: Elvia Roe
FILED IN: Blog Inspiration
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Sometimes guidance sucks

By now there’s a very good chance you know I love birthdays, an opportunity to reflect, honor and celebrate whoever – or whatever – is marking a solar return. To … Continued

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Celebrating 60

Happy new season earth angels! My message this week is a little different, because…well… I turn 60 on Wednesday. This has been a harder one for me. The only other … Continued

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Life purpose, reframed by – you guessed it – the angels

Full moon blessings, dear ones, I’m excited, because this power punch dose of Virgo energy is perfect for focusing on Life purpose. Virgo is about details, getting organized, solving problems and reconnecting … Continued

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Message from St. Germaine

Blessings of growing light to you, dear ones! I was meditating last week and towards the end of my stillness, I saw the image of a man with a silver … Continued

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Why Dowsing is so helpful, especially now

Last week I announced that the Dowsing with the Angels training is now available. I’ve kept the cost low (with an even lower hardship tuition if that’s needed), because my mission is … Continued

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Dowsing with the Angels 😇

I’m over the (new) moon excited today, because it’s finally time to share a new low-cost training on one of my all-time favorite techniques used for getting super cozy with … Continued

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[Video] Messages from the Angels – October 2020

Back again with 3 objects that bring you messages from the angels! What do YOU need to hear from your angels right now? 😇

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[Video] Messages from the Angels – September 2020

Hello dear ones! Wow, it’s almost fall already – how time does fly! (Or does it?…have you found that our relationship with time is changing with all that’s going on this … Continued

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[Registration OPEN] 123s of Angel Communication + BONUS

Now more than ever, we need angels. Healing starts on the spiritual level and that means we have to be able to hear the messages we’re receiving from our winged … Continued

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