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[Video] April 2024 – Messages from the Angels

It’s 17 years ago April 1st that I launched the first AngelsTeach website and made my intuitive development teaching a real thing.

Inspired by tarot and the number 17, our messages for this month are focused on The Star card, which is the 17th card in the major arcana of tarot.

An aspect of the ongoing evolution of tarot that continues to delight and fascinate me is the vast (and growing) variety of decks by artists and authors from around the globe.

All decks represent the same 78 archetypes of the major and minor arcana cards, but a card from one deck can offer a very different perspective of the card’s archetype versus a card from another deck.

Take, for example, the 13th card of the major arcana: Death.
(I know it feels heavy, but it’s such a powerful illustration of my point.)

In the Rider Waite tarot, the image is startling and unpleasant. In the Light Seers tarot, Chris-Anne calls it Death/Rebirth and it has emphasis on how death is about clearing away what no longer serves to make room for what is ready to be born.

In one deck**, I gulp when I pick this card because I know the angels want me getting more serious about letting go and clearing out and with the other deck, I smile because the rebirth feels imminent.

Both represent the Death archetype but with a completely different approach and emphasis.

**Remember, selecting the right card deck is as important as selecting the right card.

With this as the background, I’ve selected The Star card from 3 different tarot decks for our April Messages from the Angels.

Scroll down, click ⬇️ and have a watch.

Should you wish to jump right to the reading your angels select for you, the quick links are in the YouTube description.

Will it be #1, #2 or #3 for you today? 💫

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