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On being a creative

There’s a halo that shines above all women (and men) who strive to break free and live on the whims of Creativity. Those who make the bold decision to start their own business or leave an unhappy relationship or pull up roots and move across the country or fully accept that small things can have a big impact…all because their Creative Self, their angels really, tell them they must.

There is a courageousness of heart that is palpable. Following others is easy, it’s what we’ve been taught. Listening to the Creatress – not so easy, for we are not taught to prioritize these innate abilities to Create.

And yet Create is what we do in every instance. With every breath. With every thought, prayer, action, intention…we are Creating.

The nemesis of pure Creation is the mind and our inclination to attach expectations to what we are Creating in the moment. What that business will look like. What being single will feel like. What a new city, state or country will offer us when we get there. What our unique destiny is meant to be.


15 years ago, I opened the doors to AngelsTeach and my professional journey as a lightworker began in earnest. While AngelsTeach is my business, I see her as her own entity. She has merely come through me and I do my best to bow to her Creative asks.

As I reflect on where I am now, it is not where I thought I’d be 15 years back.

In the past 1 1/2 decades I have redone my website three times, attended three different business schools, hired various consultants to boost the AngelsTeach message and blast it out to the world. All to build and grow, build and grow. Because this is what entrepreneurs are supposed to do.

I’ve taught countless classes, hosted in-person retreats, written a gazillion blog posts, articles, user manuals and curriculum books. I know for a fact that AngelsTeach, this work, has deeply touched many people. Perhaps you are one of them.


By far, the most important thing that’s happened (and I’ve known this since the start) is that we’ve gathered some amazing earth angels around our angel family watering hole. And I do mean amazing.

And yet, somehow, what I’m working on this birthday is accepting that AngelsTeach is not big. Does not have a loud voice. And sometimes – if I’m being brutally honest – feels like it’s not…enough. We all see the world and think to ourselves, Holy Batman, I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to do more.

But maybe we don’t.

Big isn’t always better. It can actually be a liability in many ways.

What small allows, is intimacy. Connection. Purpose that exists on a very personal level.

Big can do this sometimes, but not most of the time.


Every year I spend this day in communion with the Spirit of AngelsTeach, asking her what she needs from me. What her priorities are for the year to come.

She is whispering to me that the shadow side of living in the Creative mindset is to always be looking for more.

She is asking me to release this need for more. Accept that where we are now is perfect, to just be with what is.

This is not an easy task and yet it feels like one that’s playing out for all of us on some level.

To allow Creativity to flow along its aligned path, without attachments to Its destination.

To accept what is.

May this be so for all of us. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Happy birthday AngelsTeach! ๐Ÿ˜‡

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